Monday, July 14, 2008

Its Asif !!!

I'm sure many would have guessed it when the news 1st broke that a pacer from the subcontinent had been tested positive during the random drugs tests that were conducted by WADA during the Indian Premier League.

It has been confirmed now.

2nd offence, life ban.

Or is it the 3rd?

It doesn't matter anymore.

He was caught with opium in his wallet at the Dubai airport on his way back from India after taking part in the IPL.

Opium is a drug that is on the list of prohibitive items of WADA.

We still don't know whether it was opium that he was tested positive for.

Whatever it was, it doesn't matter anymore.

The career of Pakistan's most promising fast bowler since Wasim & Waqar is over even before it took off.

I'm too disappointed to say anything more.

As a result the 30 probables that were to be announced today will also not be announced till tomorrow.

There's no saving Asif from this.

No way!

Make your pitch on this post...

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18 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    It is too early to give up on Asif.

    They will have to follow a process namely examine sample 'B' where a representative of IPL, Asif and his legal counsel will be present.

    Knowing the sub continents penchant for taking short-cuts, you can be sure some legal loop hole regarding storage of the sample or some such opportunity will present itself.

  2. Gaurav Sethi said...

    q - repeat, pak gotta get beyond asif and akhtar. clean up time.

  3. obaid said...

    I agree with naked cricket. Playing for Pakistan i.e your country comes with certain responsibilities. Its not as if Asid is some impressionable 15 yr old who canbe easily influenced. He is 25 years old and im a firm believer in a zero tolerance drugs policy

  4. Soulberry said...

    Not sure if the career's over till all procedures are gone through and remedies exhausted. If it does, it is sad, for Asif was a fine bowler.

    Q, nice new look to the blog and love the header.

  5. Jrod said...

    Like I have always said try hugs not drugs, although hugs on drugs is cool too.

    And with that in mind.

    Do you like to fight injustice?

    Yes, that is truly an exceptional quality you have.

    Please sign theSave our Bill Lawry petition to keep the Corporate vultures from ending the career of our favourite excitable one.

    Think of the children.

  6. Q said...

    Ott - u have a lot of faith in the PCB or as Jrod would put it - a lack of faith ;-)

  7. Q said...

    NC - Now even I am inclined to think the same. Biggest problem is that, there ain't much left in the bowling resources of Pakistan.

  8. Q said...

    Thanks SB and welcome back.

    It was Obaid's effort to change the whole look.

  9. Q said...

    Already done that Jrod!

  10. straight point said...

    its not only the clean up time for players like asif, akhtar...but its also clean up time for PCB...

    they allowed all this to go beyond control...pcb is the biggest culprit for me...

  11. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Q - Pak, like most nations, need a bowling coach - waqar again?
    To quote Dylan, who quoted somebody else, "they say the darkest hour is right before the dawn"
    I say get on with it. There's cricket life after its charachters, tho somewhat duller.

  12. Thiru Cumaran said...

    Just an announcement for everyone, I'm damn sure that Asif'll get out of this one (though I'm not happy about it) cos', according to WADA rules, the IPL wasn't supposed to reveal any names b4 the B sample was tested. Therefore, he has something to work on. Besides, when looking back at how he and Akthar were bailed out, I don't think this woudl be too much of a probs for the board.

    PS - If you're looking at my blog, don't be horrified, cos' I've been awfully bz and so I haven't been able to regularly update. I'm working out a schedule whereby I can post every other day with something interesting

  13. Q said...

    SP - PCB management has overstayed their welcome way too long..

  14. Q said...

    NC - Waqar or Wasim or even Aqib. They definitely need someone.

    But then u think - they got Lawson. He was a fast bowler. So he can do the job, can't he?

    Yet the extras seem to increase with every game..

  15. Q said...

    Thirucumaran - welcome to Well Pitched.

    Like you, many believe that Asif will get away with this.

    Sadly, the PCB has created a reputation for protecting its "star" players.. however this time round, I think the PCB is not showing any support.. they have done enough damage to themselves, which is why they have distanced themselves from Asif..

    Lets c how it goes..

  16. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Q - doubt Lawson thinks of himself, either as a coach, or as a bowling coach. there's a certain fatalism about him, eerily akin to Woolmer.
    What about Warne as Pak coach?

  17. Q said...

    Oh Warne would love it NC - the unhealthy food, the drugs, the booze, the women, the bookies - he'd have a hell of a time doing everything but coaching Pakistan.

    I think all these foreign coaches within a week or so realise that there is no hope with these Paki cricketers so they just think of their "job" as a paid vacation. They get paid millions, live for free, fly first class, and travel the world.

    No wonder despite all the "security problems", these foreigners jump to coach Pakistan.

  18. Anonymous said...

    just a guy who loves to dope... unfortunately listed as performance enhancing... like NC, time to look beyond... after all, there has never been a shortage of fast bowling talent in PAK... while it looks like there is one now, there will still be gold contrary to what Ahktar thinks. Look at srilanka... the great freak factory. time to look beyond and yes extremely disappointing...

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