Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why are you bored?

While a number of bloggers, mostly Indian, complain of too much cricket much like their ODI captain MS Dhoni, I can't get enough of it.

Since the IPL all the series' played have had something to watch out for.

There was the New Zealand fightback in the ODIs against England including the last ball win, KP's switch hits, Collingwood' mood swings, emergence of McCullum as a top order test batsman, England's excitement over Bopara, Strauss proving he is here to stay, Southee showing why he's the best thing to happen to NZ cricket for a long time.

There was the West Indies trying to compete against the Aussies in the tests, a younger Australian ODI side showing why they will remain one of the best sides for some time to come, another ODI that went to the last ball, a stunning 92 from Gayle, the exciting IPL opening combination of Shane Watson and Shaun Marsh, Johnson with the white ball, David Hussey finally making it to the ODI side and hinting at why he should have been there long before.

There was the short and sweet tri-series in Bangladesh where Pakistan against all odds defied India the trophy, Younis Khan's "silencing the critics" 100 in the final, India's largest victory over Pakistan ever.

There was the battle for the Asian supremacy, where Sri Lanka emerged champions on the back off yet another spinning freak, India failing in their 2nd successive final within weeks, Misbah's emergence as potential captain, Younis Khan's continued run of form, Sehwag and Gambhir's opening salvos, King Sanga at his best, Sanath Jayasuriya breaking down all age barriers, Amjad Ali showing the talent present in the UAE, Saeed Ajmal and Abdur Rauf letting the selectors know how ignorant they have been, and Suresh Raina coming of age.

So why exactly have the cricket fans been bored?

I fail to understand.

And there's more to look forward to as the South Africans gear up to take on England and the Indian Seniors try to do to Sri Lanka what the juniors could not.

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  1. Viswanathan said...


    Boredom occurs when you have said/seen everything.

    Thank fully I have a lot of things left to say/see. :)

  2. Trideep said...

    Boring because of the contests between same teams.. esp between India and Pak

  3. Anonymous said...

    A couple of reasons for boredom:

    1. Too much cricket between the same group of India-Pak-Bangladesh

    2. Too many one-sides matches.

    3. To some extent, lack of crowd-puller cricketers. I don't think a Pakistani fan would go to watch Rohit Sharma or Praveen Kumar.

  4. Q said...

    Im with u Ott!

  5. Q said...

    Tri and VM, u gotta be kidding me. I'd give a leg and a half to watch an India-Pakistan contest day after day.

    Rohit Sharma and Praveen Kumar - I'd even pay to watch Akash Chopra!

    What I am seeing is that it is the Indian viewers at large that are getting bored lately from all the cricket.

    I haven't seen any Aussie, English, or Pakistani fans complain abt too much cricket.

    Maybe India is playing too much.. but for me there are still days when there is no cricket on tv - I wish there were no such days!

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