Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally Younis!

Younis Khan is not playing the on going Pentangular Cup in Pakistan as he is busy fulfilling his Australian commitment.

Earlier this year Younis Khan announced that he had been signed on by South Australia for a short stint with them in November-December this year.

My good friend at Cricket with Balls told me that South Australia was one of the weaker sides in the domestic competition down under and that anything that Younis would be able to bring to the side would be great for them.

Younis landed in Australia about a week ago, and though he didn't make an impression in his first outing in the Ford Ranger Cup (the ODI competition), South Australia did manage to sneak in a penultimate ball victory over New South Wales.

SA won by 4 wickets with a ball to spare chasing 261, but Younis was bowled by some Bird for only 3.

For a more descriptive account of that victory and Younis, see this.

Younis' next innings in Australia was also nothing to talk about as he was sent back to the dressing room of the first ball he faced on the 1st day of the Sheffield Shield game between SA and NSW.

He was caught behind off Thornely. Wasn't Thornely the wicket keeper?

On the final dat of the match, however, Younis Khan finally lived up to his reputation as he guided SA to a draw int he 4-day game.

Younis scored an unbeaten 71 as SA ended the final day on 300-5 after NSW had posted a mammoth 576 - 263 runs ahead of SA's 1st innings score.

Always good to see a Pakistani do well in Aussie land.

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  1. Unknown said...

    Thornley's a batting all-rounder and captain.

    Bloody SA, this match should have been a banker for 6 points, now we're stuck with 2 points for the 1st Innings lead.

    More on Day 4 here.

  2. Q said...

    So who was that keeper who played for Mumbai in the IPL?

  3. Jrod said...

    Q, Luke Ronchi is the man you are thinking of.

    Although i would doubt he bowls worse than Thornley.

  4. Q said...

    Oh yes.. I don't undersand why I was mistaking the 2... strange. Did Thornely appear in the IPL?

  5. Q said...

    Was he the one whom u predicted can't play short bowling and then got hit by a bouncer in his 1st match in the IPL - or was tht also Ronchi?

    Im having short term memory problems i think..

  6. Jrod said...

    He did, i think he may have played for Mumbai as well, Zaheer Khan hit him in the jaw early on, and he didn't play much.

    Has a lot of talent for a ranga, but can't play short bowling, but once he is in on a flat or low wicket can really take attacks apart.

  7. Jrod said...

    Sorry didn't see your last comment, yes he made me into a nostradamus.

  8. Q said...

    Aha yes he's the one. I knew I had heard his name.. just confused the 2..

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