Sunday, October 5, 2008

International Cricket is Back!

Ramadan and the Eid break are over and life has finally returned to some normalcy after 2 months of vacationing, fasting, and feasts.

Cricket is coming back to life gradually as well with the India vs Australia series about to kick off.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the Indian seniors and their future and the lack of experience in the Australian ranks but come Thursday and everyone will be glued to watch the mother of all test series.

Whether the series will be bigger and better than the previous ones between these 2 sides, I don't know but I think it will be very closely fought.

Both, India and Australia, are weaker than they have been in the past. India's middle order is not as powerful as it once was, while Australia's bowling lacks the potency it once had.

Keeping this in mind, it should be an interesing contest.

I feel bad for Bryce McGain, who has had to go back without playing for Australia, and I feel worse for this man who has been rooting McGain's case for a year now - how close!

The fact that a Victorian replaced McGain might be some justice for the JRod but McGain missing out on a test debut in India is probably too big a let down.

Even for me it is and I have only read about him!

The spinner is going to be a big problem for Australia.

From what I saw of Krejza in the match against the Board President's XI, it doesn't look like he'll be playing much test cricket in India.

Cameron White, from what I hear, has become more of a batsman then a leg spinner, so I doubt he would pose a threat to the Indian batting line up.

But then, no Aussie spinner has ever troubled the Indians, not even the best spinner in the world, so I guess it doesn't really matter then does it?

Lee, Clarke, and Johnson / Siddle don't look like troubling the Indian batsmen either. No matter how old they're getting.

The Aussies will have to bat out of their skins I feel because the bowling doesn't look like taking 20 Indian wickets.

If Kumble and Bhajji are in their stride, the Aussies will find it tough.

India look more settled going into the 1st test.

The change of guard at the board level hasn't changed much in the team, and despite a loss to Sri Lanka over the summer, India has done very well at the test level under Kumble.

One question though to the Indian readers - why was Rohit Sharma dropped?

I have read about Badrinath in almost all of the Indian blogs doing the rounds and everyone has a good thing or two to say about him.

But wasn't Rohit in the test squad that went to Sri Lanka? He didn't get a test match there and now he finds himself dropped without getting a chance.


The way he batted for his 105 against the Aussies made me think that India's new selectors made a mistake.

Badrinath maybe a domestic champion but Rohit Sharma is India's middle order's future.

And Virat Kohli - I think we will hear this name for a long time to come.

As for Sachin, Saurav, Rahul, VVS - Good luck. Stretch those ageing legs as far as you can because if you fail India this time it will be very hard to keep the Sharmas, Yuvrajs, Kohlis, Badris, Kaifs, and Rainas on the bench.

International cricket is back and I can't wait for the action to begin.

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2 Pitched:

  1. Unknown said...

    I think u didnt see the sri lanka ODI's and the asia cup........Rohit Sharma was dropped for the rightest of reasons.....i was suprised tht he was in both the test and ODI squads to sri lanka after his "superb" performance in asia cup,most notably "11 off 30 against HK"....he was in the team because of politics.........he is a mere waste in the middle order.............My question is "Y was Suresh Raina nt in the squad?".He is a special talent,more special than Sharma, and his performance has been marvellous

  2. Q said...

    Welcome to Well Pitched Mohit. I didn't see the ODIs but followed the tour as much as I could. I know Rohit did not fare well but he was still in the test squad. And I asked the question because I saw no reason to drop him without giving him a chance.

    What were the politics behind his selection previously?

    I see him as an amazing talent. Better than most of the younger batsmen India has come up with. He's definitely the future for India.

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