Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Rebels are Back!

The return of international cricket has coincided with the return of the rebels with the 2nd season of the Indian Cricket League starting from Friday.

With 9 teams, 41 matches, and 4 venues - the ICL promises to be bigger and better than before.

Has anyone seen the new ICL ad on TV?

I couldn't find a video online. The ad shows a cricketer trying to impress the national selectors who seem to be busy chatting away and not paying attention to him. Frustrated with the selectors' behaviour the cricketer marches off, throws away his playing kit, and walks out in the ICL uniform.

Isn't that the story of the ICL players?

How openly this war between the ICL and the BCCI is being played out is not funny anymore.

Mushtaq Ahmed has even suggested an ICL vs IPL play-off with the best teams from both leagues participating in a tournament. He has even suggested the ICL champions to be a part of the 20-20 Champions League in December.

Brilliant idea I think.

The ICL kicks off on 10th October with the opening match being a repeat of last years final: Lahore Baadshahs vs Hyderabad Heroes.

There's a new team this season - the Dhaka Warriors - taking the team count to 9 and the match count to 41.

The matches will be played over 4 venues.

The tournament will run till 16th November with each team taking on the other once followed by the semi-finals and a best of 3 finals.

The ICL is back and its definitely bigger and better than before.

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4 Pitched:

  1. Soulberry said...

    ICL has its charm. as long as T20 doesn't get too frequent, it's OK to watch.

    The new ads are rather muted, emphasiing their appeal to small-town backgrounds.

    I certainly will be better than doubt about that.

  2. SledgeHammer said...

    I look forward to this year's ICL. Personally, I prefer cricket without the excessive Bollywood masala that is imbued in the IPL. Still, I definitely enjoy following IPL matches as well, but ICL scores a bit higher in my scorecard.

    Go Badshahs!

  3. Q said...

    SB I agree about the ICL charm but I don't mind the overdose of 20-20 just like I don't mind he overdose of ODIs and Tests.

  4. Q said...

    I'm with you Sledge - Go Baahshahs!

    The fact that the ICL has an international look Pakistan side - it makes it more appealing to us than others I think. The ICL have been smart in marketing it in Pakistan and to Pakistanis abroad.

    Same will happen for Bangladesh now.

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