Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We first had MoYo.

Then we got YoYo.

Then came HaHa.

And today we bring to you RaRa!

Last ICL season, Ra denied the Lahore Badshahs the championship, despite all the efforts of the other Ra.

On opposite sides, Ra and Ra were at each other throats during the finals of the ICL 20-20 Championship - last season as well as this season.

In the 1st final this season, Ra smashed Ra all over the park before Ra got his wicket and dished out some abusive remarks.

Tempers flared between Ra nd Ra. Ra complained but no one listened.

In the 2nd final Ra clean bowled Ra and the contest stood even.

They did not cross paths in the 3rd final but stayed away from each other when handshakes were exchanged.

And then in true bollywood style, they were brought together in the ICL World Series as part of the ICL Pakistanis.

In today's must win game they were set an imposing target of 189 by the World XI, and were soon 2 down with only 38 on the board.

That's when Ra and Ra came together.

74 deliveries, 133 runs, 19 boundaries, 4 sixes, a record partnership, and a joint man of the match award later Ra and Ra became RaRa!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Damn! I missed the match.
    Were they even talking to each other while on crease.

  2. Q said...

    They were speaking, punching gloves, smiling, all the works!

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