Friday, January 23, 2009

Shoaib Akhtar Pondering his Future?

I hope he read my letter and that got him thinking.

Or maybe its all the media talk about Malik criticizing him and then taking it back or the management not wanting him anymore or the calls by ex cricketers for him to step down from one form of the game or another.
Something has got Shoaib thinking.
Spotted today at the Gaddafi stadium practicing with the Pakistan team, in black tights with yellow lines and red shoes, and a grim face.
Some fashion statement that.
What's on your mind Shoaib?
Retirement I hope.
Or one last hurrah leading Pakistan to a series win?
I'm still not sure whether Shoaib will play tomorrow or not. The news doing the rounds contains a number of mixed signals.
Though, I feel he would get a game.
Probably his last.

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3 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    what for Pakistani batsmen were in hurry to get dismissed in the Lahore ODI ?

    scared of Mendis and Murali or sights of Salim Malik somewhere ?

    disgusting to see pak loose to Lanka by 234 runs, to a team who has struggled against Zim and BD..

    hate your team cos that win has now given the boost to the Blabberer king to rant more on the series against India!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    now we all know what the strategy was to cope the M&M's, it was simple yet very back in the pavilion before they get to bowl! we saw glimpse of it in the 2nd ODI and was completely unravelled in the 3rd!

    it upsets me to see the team loose like they did yesterday but what upsets me more is the fact that the next time pakistan plays ill again have my hopes high :(

  3. Q said...

    LIB, thats the story for all us Pak fans.. now with Younis at the helm, there will be even more high hopes..

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