Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Praise for Younis from South Australia

I couldn't help but do a 4th consecutive post on Younis Khan when a friend of mine emailed me about a comment that he read on cricinfo's ball-by-ball.

The comment was:

Kevin Johnson: "We Aussies love Khan. He played for our state SA and scored a century. He is a role model for us budding cricketers. Our club in Adeliade shows his videos as his style is perfect and we are so happy that he made captain. Our best wishes are with him and his team."

Thank you for the wishes Kevin Johnson.

I know Younis got a 70 odd for South Australia, but not sure about the century. Nevertheless, it always feels good to hear about good wishes for your country from around the world.

And South Australia shows videos of Younis Khan for their batsmen to emulate?

Wow! Maybe Pakistan should start doing that now.

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  1. Damith S. said...

    We think Younis fell into a hole he cant get out of.

  2. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Q, if they start showing videos of Younis, yr team will be watching TV for 23 hours....all work and no play makes Yakub a dull boy.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Well I saw Y.Khan a few months back scratch around for 3 from 15 balls at Bellerive before lobbing a gentle catch to point while backing away from a fierce Brendan Drew bouncer.

    I was expecting a bit more but he did play some lovely rehearsed cover drives from the non-strikers end that were worth the price of admission.

    A few days later in the Shield match he was cleaned bowled twice for 4 and 24, the former an offcutter by Tim McDonald and the latter a legcutter by Gerard Denton.

    Again a bit disappointing but Tassie won both games and the new Pakistani skipper was smiling and a gentleman throughout.

    Believe me, if you play for South Australia it pays to have a well tuned sense of humour. They don't win too often!

  4. Anonymous said...

    He has climbed to #1 in ICC rankings.

  5. Q said...

    Damith, that was quite a deep deep hole.. Sri Lanka were getting into a bigger one with 5 quick wickets lost.. the pitch didn't look so "flat" then :-)

  6. Q said...

    NC, only 13 hours.. the other 10, Younis spent on the field smiling.. I'm sure our players can learn a bit abt that without watching videos of Younis.. his 1st match as captain has brought that smile back to 150 million Pakistan cricket fans :-)

  7. Q said...

    Nesta, I reckon Younis was born with a smile on his face. He's always smiling regardless of the situation...

    I remember he played a knock of 70 odd to save/win the game for SA..

  8. Q said...

    He has Wasim.. that's quite a leap he made.. I think from 8 or 9, where he was before this match.. I think it had something to do with Murali being on the opposing side.. the more u score against bowlers ranked high, the higher rating points u get.. thats how the ICC rankings work.. Murali is number 1..

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