Thursday, February 26, 2009

There's Something About the Underdogs

I was surprised to find myself upset at the fall of Phil Hughes' wicket in the first over.

Over the last 15 years, I have never been upset at the fall of an Australian wicket. However, today, I am shocked at how upset I was while watching Hughes, Katich, and Hussey walk back to the pavilion.

Despite the fact that I have admired how the Australians have played cricket over the last decade and a half, I have never left it a secret that I've hardly ever supported them - only to see someone spring up an upset.

There is something about the underdog, isn't there?

I was firmly behind South Africa, despite my hatred for them, when they toured Australia. I was delighted to see South Africa win the first 2 tests and wanted to see them dislodge the Aussies from the number 1 spot in tests.

Coming into this series, Australia are definitely the underdogs. South Africa the firm favorites.

And strangely, I find myself supporting Australia.

I don't want to see them lose.

I smiled and sighed with relief when Ponting pulled Ntini for four in the 2nd over.

Hughes didn't have a memorable debut, but I'm hoping North will.

Not since Australia had to beat the West Indies in 1992 to ensure Pakistan get a spot in the World Cup Semi Finals, have I supported Australia.

Till yesterday I was looking forward to witnessing Australia's continuous fall from the top.

This morning, however, all that changed.

I don't know what it was - a hapless 20 year old failing on debut, a vulnerable captain walking out in the 1st over to save a sinking ship, McKenzie pulling of an Australiaesque catch at gully, or the mortalization of Mike Hussey - but something triggered this change of heart.

Here's hoping the Aussies beat the South Africans.

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  1. Gaurav Sethi said...

    looks like you and sam will form strange bed fellahs.

    do i take it u were over the moon after the twin upsets in the carib wc.

    Clarke gone. And so am i.

  2. Q said...

    There's a big difference between my and Sam's views on Australia NC.. mine are solely based on my propensity to support the underdogs ;-) ...

    Carib WC? The 2007 one? Ur talking abt Ireland and Bangladesh? Nope wasn't too excited.. my support order goes Pakistan against all, India against all but Pak, the underdog :-)

    Clarke gone NC but North is quite a watch!

  3. Anonymous said...

    The way the team performed on Day 2 Q, they won't be underdogs for too long!

  4. Q said...

    Nesta those were two hells of an innings from North and Johnson.

    Was delighted to see South Africa 2 down for next to nothing! That Hilfenhaus can really swing the ball. I know he's played a few ODIs for Australia, but this is the first time I saw him in action and looks more than decent.

    Even if the Aussies win this though, I think SA are the favorites for the series based on recent performances of both teams.

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