Friday, February 20, 2009

This is What Test Cricket is All About!

I've been watching the last day of this test between West Indies and England since the day's first ball.

For the last 10 overs, I've seen the last West Indian pair try and negotiate play till the end of the day and secure a draw.

They're still out there.

The lights are going, the spinners are on, and every single ball is being cheered by the crowds - both West Indians and the English.

The umpires are checking the lights, the players are tense, the crowd is tense, and even a neutral like me is tense.

Its an amazing battle out there.

And thats what test cricket is all about!

And the West Indies have managed to hold on for a draw!

What drama.

Spare a thought for Andrew Flintoff.

Spare two for these West Indians who have managed to show quite some fight!

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  1. karachikhatmal said...

    what about that flintoff spell Q?

    wasn't it bloody brilliant the way he kept grimacing in the run up and then threw a 90 mph one that was darting back in?

    i loved it - would want to hear your take

  2. Viswanathan said...

    Flintoff is another Shoaib Akthar, always striving manfully, always injured and always the show-off who blocks the selection of a fit-player by his theatricals.

  3. Rishabh said...

    I absolutely agree to you Ottayan.

    I have never seen such a game in years.

  4. Q said...

    Thats an interesting though Ott.. I never saw it that way. Having said that, Flintoff was absolutely amazing in this test.. he bowled his heart out..

    U heard my take KK! :-)

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