Monday, March 23, 2009

Australia & South Africa Get Intimate

6 Tests

Australia won 3

South Africa won 3

Australia's 1st innings runs: 2,241

South Africa's 1st innings runs: 2,076

Australia's 2nd innings runs: 1,783

South Africa's 2nd innings runs: 1,530

Australia's 2nd innings runs per innings: 297

South Africa 2nd innings runs per innings: 306

Australia's loss of wickets: 109

South Africa's loss of wickets: 95

Australia's loss of wickets per innings: 9.08

South Africa's loss of wickets per innings: 8.64

Highest run scorer for Australia: Simon Katich, 557 runs

Highest run scorer for South Africa: AB DeVilliers, 600 runs

Highest score in an innings for Australia: Phil Hughes, 160 runs

Highest score in an innings for South Africa: JP Duminy, 166 runs

Number of centuries for Australia: 7

Number of centuries for South Africa: 7

Leading wicket taker for Australia: Mitchell Johnson, 33 wickets

Leading wicket taker for South Africa: Dale Steyn, 34 wickets

Best bowling performance in a match for Australia: Johnson, 11-159

Best bowling performance in a match for South Africa: Steyn, 10-154

10 wicket match hauls for Australia: 1

10 wicket match hauls for South Africa: 1

Not much to choose between the 2 sides is there?

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Loved the headline:)) And yes little to choose between.

  2. straight point said...

    steyn took 34 wickets despite not being on top of his game in sa part of series...

    that made long with injuries of smith made this series on even keel...

    and i agree with som...deadly headline :)

  3. Anonymous said...

    Might have had quite a difference if Smith was around. Johnson is turning it on... Steyn hasn't stopped yet... by far the best bowler among the current lot.

  4. Q said...

    Thanks Som..

  5. Q said...

    Despite not being on top of his game SP, there wasnt much difference in the num of wkts in both series - 18 in Aus, 16 in SA.

    Its something to think abt that SA won the match in which Smith was injured..

  6. Q said...

    Smith was around Scorps.. when he wasn't, SA won :-)

  7. YellowMonkey said...

    Long live the clone of Alan Davidson

  8. Q said...

    Thats one hell of a write up Yellow Monkey!

  9. Abdullah said...

    Q, how do u rate Pakistan’s chances in the T2OWC? I say get back the expertise of the ICL kilari as they are synthetic prospects for the format and have developed valuable experience as demonstrated by their instrumental performances .Otherwise without that buzz and fire power winning is a distant dream of which each and every one us can agree to.

    BLOCKING the flamboyant opener Imran Nazir is nonnegotiable as he can be invincible and dominate proceedings single handily. Oh boy what a talent one shall really take with both hands.

    Although u may disagree Rana will be an automatic selection for T20 cricket for sure as he's a classy death bowler with those in swinging Yorkers and cunning slower balls. Also a destructive slogger who can play a quick fire cameo at no 3 0R 4. He was player of the tournament in ICL will is good standard cricket and I think Pakistan shall and can certainly benefit from his expertise in this T20 format for certain.

  10. Gaurav Sethi said...

    think they got a bit too intimate -prefer a break between a home and away series. most players these days can't take a 5 test series, leave alone a 3+3 home/away one. Most SAFs were flat in the first two tests, and Oz did it's typical we're not even bothered about the dead rubber game.

    They gotta scrap the dead rubbber, play half a dozen t20s instead.

  11. Q said...

    Thats a neat idea NC..

  12. Q said...

    Maza - Imran Nazir is the only one I feel who can make it into the Pakistan 20-20 and maybe the ODI side.. Imran Farhat, Razzak, Sami, Rana are no good anymore..

    Razzak's bowling has fallen away long before he was dumped.. Rana can smash the ICL and domestic bowling in Pak - i dont think he can do that at the int'l level. Sami and Farhat have had their chances and failed too many times.

    Nazir - now hes a TALENT & a HALF!

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