Monday, March 23, 2009

What Would you do with Dyson?

A couple of days ago the West Indies - England ODI ended after a blunder by John Dyson.


I say foolish! how stupid can one be?

Did you see how he was waving at Sammy and Miller to come back?

Did you see the smirk on Andrew Strauss' face?

How old is Dyson anyway?

I'm shocked that Chris Gayle said that he wasn't going to kill him.

I would have killed him.

Or maybe atleast knocked him down with an upper cut!

Well if Gayle doesn't want to kill him, I have some ideas on what he could do to Dyson.

Send him on a cruise ship with Shane Warne for a week. Warnie will ensure that Dyson never coaches another team again.


Get him a job with Bangladesh. After a stint with them, Dyson himself will never want to coach again.


Get him a free ticket to "Dancing with the Stars". He definitely won't come back to the cricket world after shaking a leg and breaking it at his age.


Just make him Pakistan's coach. That should take care of him.

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4 Pitched:

  1. Leela said...

    Just make him Pakistan's coach. That should take care of him.

  2. Anonymous said...

    I missed this... what exactly happened. To start with I thought he was a player.

  3. Q said...

    I was going to go on and on abt that Leela, but then thought that wud be enough - people wud understand ..

  4. Q said...

    He's the Windies' coach Scorps.. Windies were chasing 270 in the 1st ODI against England.. bad light happened and the umpires offered the light to the Windies batsmen and John Dyson called them back thinking they were ahead based on the D/L sheet.. but in fact they were behind by a run or 2..

    Dyson apparently was reading down the wrong column..

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