Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Curious Case of James Franklin

Right now I'm watching the first test between India and New Zealand LIVE.

I didn't wake up at 3:30am like the Indians to catch the action - I haven't slept! The match started at 2am in the part of the world I am in.

Reading the Kiwi batting order, I saw a James Franklin slated in at number 6.

James Franklin?

Isn't he a Left arm pacer?

That's what I remember him as.

When did he become a test number 6?

Then I looked up his profile and was surprised to see that he had a test century against his name.

When did he score that?

Apparently against South Africa while batting at number 9.

I don't think he's batted higher than that position ever before.

Actually he has. He batted at number 7 in the last test he played.

But when did he become a batsman?

It shocked me even more to see that Franklin has 6 first class centuries including a double and 17 half ones!


Sportsfreak / Leg Break - I'd like some insight.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Franklin's always been pretty competent with the bat for Wellington. However, it is hard to distinguish yourself with both bat and ball at test level unless you are played like a proper all-rounder and used up the order.

    During his long time off with injury, he's worked on his batting and has been pretty fantastic this season for Wellington, including a double century.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Q, He's averaging 73.5 in NZ's first class season this year, and he's the 2nd highest run scorer.

    Seems the boy has really got his batting in order.

  3. Anonymous said...

    He was done by a stinker today though. Taufel doesn't often get them wrong, but I doubt that will be making Franklin feel any better.

  4. Q said...

    Thanks for the info Ben.. I dont follow the NZ domestic scene so wasn't really sure what prompted Franklin's promotion..

  5. Q said...

    Thats some decent performance Suave.. the it makes sense I guess.. I saw the stinker.. poor guy.. was shocked to hear the commentators link taufel's blunder to him being shaken up post Lahore..

    73.5! Pretty good..

  6. Abdullah said...

    Yeah sorry for the late analysis but I managed to catch highlights of the test match played in Hamilton and would like to acknowledge the way the Indian seamers bowled. This Zaheer-Sharma combination is a resounding success for the fate of Indian cricket. Khan got that ball to swing early on and was rewarded were early scalps. Sharma bowled with fire power and consistency in the corridor of uncertainty. He frequently produced the “Jaffa” which caused problems for the left handers in particular. They utilised the moisture available and made that ball talk. Also credit deserves to be granted to the Indian slip Gordon who seem to be an electronical device that never run out but occasionally flatters like computers but on 99% of times are a reliable and trustworthy source.

    Daniel Vectori’s knock was a meaningful “captain’s innings” in the circumstances to save the day and indeed New Zealand’s overall chances in the match. Innings of such are regarded as better than a 300 in my opinion as one has to consider the impact, conditions and challenge. This is exactly the time of cricket I enjoy watching in which it’s a gripping and fair contest between bat and ball.

    Anyway yeah regarding James Franklin he has really transformed himself into an all-rounder but that dismissal though was debatable.

    Ever since team India seem to be in the driving seat after a wonderful exhibition from the little master, the run machine. India is now at a golden peak of form and have proven enough in my opinion to be regarded as the best side in the world. South Africa’s were in close competition but there home series defeat puts India in firm command. On the whole I really relish Australia’s decline in dominance as it makes cricket more compelling, worthy and competitive from both a players and spectators perspective.

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