Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Amjad makes the Emirates Proud!

Those of you have flown into or via Dubai must have at some point taken Emirates Airlines.

Well the next time you buy a ticket from Emirates, make sure you leave a message for one Amjad Javed.

Amjad Javed, who works for Emirates Airlines in the UAE, smashed a career best 164 against Denmark in the world cup qualifiers today.

Amjad opens the batting and the bowling for Emirates Airlines cricket team, and he is doing the same for the UAE in the qualifiers.

His knock came off only 117 deliveries and included 17 boundaries and 8 sixes! It also led UAE to the highest total posted thus far in the competition - 379/6.

This was only Amjad's 2 century in 15 List A matches and his highest knock at all levels of the game.

This was UAE's 3rd victory in 4 matches they look well set for 2011.

Afghanistan though, my other favorite, lost their 2nd consecutive match after a strong start to the tournament.

They were beaten by Netherlands.

Group A's top 4 teams matches now look like this: UAE beat Netherlands, who beat Afghanistan and Kenya, who beat both UAE and Afghanistan.

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  1. David Barry said...

    Surprising win for the UAE - they've generally struggled ever since the ICC tightened the eligibility requirements on expat players. They've even lost to Oman!

    Disappointing to see Oman just miss out againt Scotland.

  2. Q said...

    They struggled initially when the ICC requirements were first introduced around 3-4 years back. At that time it was UAE passport holders + expats who have lived there for atleast 7 years. Back then they didnt have enough players who had lived there for 7 years.. Now they do..

    Plus the UAE Govt. has also handed out a few passports relaxing their citizenship rules, hence the cricket team is in good shape.

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