Monday, April 20, 2009

Clarke and Nielsen Questioned About Symonds

After the journalists were done obsessing over "why don't you tour Pakistan", there were a few other questions as well.

One reminded Clarke of the fact that Australia had not won an ODI series this season, to which Clarke said that he was aware of it and that he wants his team to work harder.

Particularly the top 4.

He said that the batting needed to improve and wants his team to capitalize on the moments during which his team is ahead of the opposition.

When questioned about Symonds coming back into the team, Clarke talked about how important it was to have him in the absence of Ponting and Hussey.

Who would have done the drinking otherwise I wondered.

Someone asked Tim Nielsen how he motivated people like Symonds who is missing the IPL, where he makes a lot of money.

Nielsen's response was brilliant - "you make a few dollars playing for Australia as well".

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