Thursday, April 30, 2009

John Buchanan is Losing it!

"Coaching in the IPL is tougher than in tests and ODIs"

Well well John Buchanan, wouldn't that be agreeing with what Shane Warne has been saying all along?

According to Warne, international test and ODI teams don't even require a coach.

Ofcourse it was easy for you Buchanan to coach a rampaging successful Australian side that won everything.

You had star players, you had brilliant captains, you had an awesome team.

It would have been a cakewalk coaching them.

In fact I'd be surprised if you had any work to do with the Aussies considering they were so good at what they did.

But now, when you are in charge of a hapless team in the IPL that can barely win anything, you are finding the going very tough.

Don't you think it shows your true character?

The fact that you can't manage to get the Kolkata Knight Riders to win anything?

Are you suggesting that the intensity and all of the IPL is too much for you to handle?

Or is it that you and your family of coaches and support staff have no hold over the "stars" in your team?

You are definitely finding it difficult to make them play together.

Obviously it did not require much to motivate the likes of Warne, Waugh, Gilchrist, Hayden, and the rest.

You say that the Fake IPL Player has had no impact on the team but I think you are feeling the pressure he is putting on you.

Its quite obvious that the Fake blogger knows what goes on within your team.

Murali Karthik played today, while your captain did not keep wickets something the Fake had suggested many posts ago.

I'm sure that through the Fake IPL Player you have also found out how many players do not like you taking over their team.

Oh wait, you may have known that all along.

I don't think coaching in the IPL is tougher. Maybe it is, but the fact that you were the Super Coach of the Super Australia, surely you should be able to coach the KKR to atleast another win in the IPL.

That looks beyond you right now though!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    i think kkr has lost the total plot, it just shows the level of team spirit kkr has now got. The team is already in ICCU, suffering from swine flu, required to change the doctor " Mr Buckanon" to mr John Wright. Medicines need to change also from "mccullum to Mr ganguly. Yes plz do this if you want to see KKR out of ICCU & shifted to normal bed otherwise it is " RIP " THANK YOU MR KHAN.

  2. King Cricket said...

    If a side doesn't really need a coach, the extra 1% things that Buchanan targets can take them forward.

    If a side does need a coach, that irregular fiddling he does is nothing but counterproductive.

    Also, his moustache is shite.

  3. Q said...

    Anon: Wright & Ganguly? Thinking abt some good old times?

  4. Q said...

    Good to see you here King Cricket.

    I agree abt the mushy...

    and the fact that he is counter productive.

  5. achettup said...

    I almost burst out laughing when I saw that article on Cricinfo... He was just asking for it all along.

    Btw Q, the fake IPL player has been wrong on a lot of things... the few things he got right were open speculation any cricket fan would have arrived at. Notice how he conveniently invented the tales about being kept out of the meetings so that he can now make guesses and say they were just that, based on hearsay. Smart guy!

  6. Anonymous said...

    Shahrukh and other Team owners are real threat to their team. They are always following their team. If these owners stay in India and let the players perform as per their capability, it would definitely bring the good results. Stop following like ghosts.

  7. Q said...

    Ur right Ach.. but many things he said like Karthik will play, McCullum will not keep were spot on.

    I know wat ur saying but its still intriguing.. we dont know if those Opium and 300 stories are accurate or not.

  8. Q said...

    Anonymous - all the teams owners are in South Africa.. some are doing well, some not.. so ur theory doesnt stand..

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