Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Security is HIGH!

At the Dubai Sports City offices, its been a crazy busy morning.

We have been busy getting people's accreditations in order and making sure that the journalists, the broadcasters, the commentators, the caterers, the security people, the event managers, the media managers and all those that go behind organizing an event are stamped and authorized to be at the stadium by the Dubai Police.

I never thought so many people go behind organizing a simple cricket match.

The Security is tight!

It has been very tight since the Aussies got here.

The police have ensured that they check the validity and legality of all personnel that are going to be deployed at the stadium today for the match.

Without a Dubai Police stamp on our badges, we're not entering the Ring of Fire.

They have been quite strict about this.

Checking the background of us locals is easy for them as they've got our files in their systems and know everything about us and what we have been upto in the UAE.

But these guys have been so efficient that they have managed to conduct the security checks on all the officials and journalists who are here from Pakistan and Australia as well!

I have never in my life seen such stringent security checks for any sort of event in the UAE.

But its happening here in front of me for a cricket series.

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