Friday, April 24, 2009

Was That Really Shoaib Again?


Another 5 overs on the trot.

That included a starting maiden. A few beauties those were.

That too after a quickfire 20 odd.

What smashing hitting.

His was an Afridi like innings, while the real Afridi played a sedate 41 odd 40.

All those claims about Shoaib Akhtar being fit and passing a fitness test have been proven.

He has failed to pick up a wicket in the series so far but he's managed to play 2 ODIs in 3 days, in which he's managed opening spells of 5 over each.

Thats an achievement for Shoaib Akhtar.

He's 40% through his target of playing all 5 games.

Lets see if that holds up or not.

If it does, it'll good to see him take a few wickets as well.

I wonder what Dean Jones and him were discussing before the start of play of the 1st ODI.

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  1. Amy said...

    Well, I suppose there's still 60% left in which he can prove he's not fit. But okay, I guess he's fit. That's a surprise.

  2. Q said...

    Amy: It is a surprise.. but lets see what else in store cos more than surprise, Shoaib is known to give us a shock..

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