Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What are the Deccan Chargers Doing Differently?

In the first edition of the IPL, last year, Deccan Chargers were the favorites and were tipped to take home the trophy.

With Gilchrist, Symonds, Gibbs, Afridi, R Sharma, they definitely had the biggest power hitters in their ranks, and hence the high expectations.

Their campaign, however fell flat and all they managed was 2 wins out of 14 matches!

Yes only 2!

But this season, when no one gave them a chance, the Chargers have managed to win 4 out of 4 and are sitting happy at the top of the table.

So what is different this year?

1. For starters they've got a new uniform, which is a whole lot cooler than what they wore last year.

2. They've got a captain whose playing and leading from the front and not sitting injured in the dressing room.

3. Herschelle Gibbs is actually firing on all cylinders unlike last season.

4. They've got a genuine attack bowler in Fidel Edwards.

5. Afridi and Symonds are busy in the desert.

6. Rohit Sharma is not the only one doing the scoring.

7. Som, I just put the 7th down for you - you can fill the blanks.

They were the team I was supporting last season.

They were the favorites last season.

Their team had the best name in the IPL last season.

Well, they still have the same name, but they have come to the party a year too late.

Doesn't matter. I can still put my weight behind them. So what if Afridi is not there!

A semi final spot at the moment looks a sure shot, while the trophy very likely.

Go Chargers!

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  1. Leela said...

    Afridi disappointed, but Roy wasn't bad last year. And Edwards is really helping them; whilst he is applying the breaks on scoring, RP is taking the wickets. And Ojha not bad either.

  2. BiLo said...

    I was supporting DC last season and i got a lot of critics (even from you) that it looked the best team on paper not on the field. Well, I am supporting them now and as you mentioned, the trophy is a possibility unless they are up against the Daredevils in the finals

  3. raj said...

    Well, Q, they dont have a cunning Aussie in the background trying to destabilise the captain by underperforming in crucial matches and getting the spirits of the team down, and then doing well personally to safeguard his interests while never doing enough to take the team to victory.
    This time their second star player other than the captain is VVS Laxman, who is honest, sincere and will work in the bkg to motivate the juniors to follow the captain and give their best.
    Also, Gibbs was going through personal hell last year and under performed. Aussie captains are lucky and so Adam gets a rejuvenated Gibbs whereas Laxman got a jaded Gibbs last year. And Symonds and Afridi, who are team spirit breaking individuals, arent there. So, basically, Gilly has all the luck in the world. Dont be fooled by his energiser bunny movements in the field. And Fidel Edwards - last year poor Laxman had VVaas, Zoysa and a jaded RP, while this year RP is rejuvenated and Fidel is in great form. So Lucky Gilly again.

  4. Q said...

    Leela: Roy gave off 17 of the final over to lose a match that was Deccan's for the taking.

    But yeah Edwards, RP, and Ojha have done well with the ball.. but its really Gibbs and Gilchrist's form that is working for them..

  5. Q said...

    I remember that Bilo..on paper they were the best team but screwed up on the field.. as I said, they've come to the party a year too late ;-)

    Theyre looking good this year!

  6. Q said...

    Raj: RP was among the leading wicket takers last season so he wasnt jaded at all.

    I agree abt Gibbs, Afridi, and Symonds though..

    They look like a rejuvenated team!

  7. Leela said...


    Which was a captaincy blunder. Roy is a bits-n-pieces bowler, if ever there was one.
    I meant his batting. He did score a 100 if I am not mistaken.
    Plus he wasn't there for the entire tournament, so hard to call.

    Anyway, will be fun to watch what they do once Edwards leaves.

  8. Q said...

    Leela: he scored the 100 in the same match in which his bowling screwed up. He took 2-12 against Pak the other day so he's more than bits n pieces ;-)..

    They might have it tougher with Edwards gone, but around that time Symonds will be coming back so their batting will be even stronger.

    Do they still have Vaas?

  9. Leela said...

    Yes, they have Vaas, but Vaas isn't the same bowler anymore...

  10. Q said...

    Thats true Leela.

    They've got Zoysa too and that Aussie - Ryan Harris. Plus a few Indian quicks including Shoaib Ahmed.

    So once Edwards leaves they'll still be ok I feel.

  11. David Barry said...

    Deccan were unlucky last year. They had several close losses. They were much better than last place.

  12. Q said...

    I agree with that DB.. those matches cud have gone either way, unfortunately it wasnt the Chargers way.

    This post was meant in a more sarcastic way, didnt exactly come out like that.

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