Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Was That Really Shoaib Yet Again?

Doing the 12th man duties all day!

Before the game started, I asked him why he wasn't playing and whether he had an injury or not.

His reponse was "nah just resting".

The way he ran around the field serving drinks definitely showed that he was not due to injury.

I have never witnessed Shoaib Akhtar do 12th man duties.


Today was a first and surely a pleasant first.

But I still feel that with a 3 day rest between today and the next ODI on Friday, maybe he should have played today.

Nevertheless. Witness here Shoaib Akhtar running across the field with a cool box.

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Was That Really Shoaib?

Was That Really Shoaib Again?

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  1. life_in_binary said...


    its an amusing site seeing him jogging back n forth with gatorade! and his jog is as clumsy as humpty dumpty's wuld be! ;)

    on an all together different note, i envied your enclosure the whole time, will try to get in there on friday!

    this is not a joke, i am quoting from an actual conversation i had with someone sitting in my enclosure when "Ul Haq" appeared on the scoreboard:

    Nameless: Oh, no worries Inzamam Ul Haq is still to come, he will definitely see us through.

    Me:Excuse me, Inzamam Ul Haq!?!?

    Nameless: Yeah, look at the scoreboard his names flashing.

    Me: Umm that Ul Haq is for Misbah Ul Haq!

    Nameless: Oh, so no Inzamam!?! Why is he not playing?

    Me: Because he has retired!

    Nameless: Really?!?! So, who is the captain now?

    Me: Younis Khan!

    By now i was totally confused as to laugh or cry! excused myself and never returned to my seat for rest of the match!

  2. Som said...

    Q, slightly off-topic. Probably hard about Mail Today a tabloid from Delhi. It quoted your site and tried to establish that Aakash XChopra is the Fake IPL Player. Kya baat hai. Seems meeting Mayanti has done the trick for you:)

    See Page 37 of it and here goes the URL of the epaper:


  3. Q said...

    @Som: thanks for letting me know buddy.. Its not the first time though.. they had quoted me before as well:




  4. Q said...

    LIB - I cannot believe that conversation! What the hell was that person doing at the ground? and in that enclosure?

    I guess the person has not watched Pakistan play cricket for over 2 years and has missed the entire shoaib malik period.. sad!

    And I wud not be surprised if its one of the ladies who were there..

  5. Som said...

    Q. I remember the last occasion as well, since I informed you that:)

    Allow me to prove my case by quiting your January post: "There was a comment left by Som from the Doosra mentioning that I had been quoted in the Mail Today - India Today's and Daily Mail's Indian collaboration."

    well, I guess the party is due:)

  6. Q said...

    Yes u did Som.. I was pleasantly surprised to find that out when I went back to my previous mention in the Mail..

    I replied to ur comment here and then I looked for the previous post and as it opened I saw the exact same comment u mention..

    I said to myslef.. "oh it was Som last time too!"

    Brilliant! :-)

    Thanks again.

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