Saturday, May 2, 2009

Captains in the IPL

They're an interesting bunch, the captains, aren't they?

We've got plenty of them in the IPL.

There's the Indian captain, whose leading a side that is coached by the former New Zealand captain. He also had the former England captain in his side.

The South African captain is playing for a team captained by an Australian leg spinner who unfortunately never got to captain his country.

The Sri Lankan captain and the man he replaced are both playing for a former Indian Vice Captain, who is no longer that because of his inconsistent form.

The New Zealand captain is playing for the Indian Vice Captain, as is the nervous Sri Lankan 20-20 skipper.

The West Indies captain is playing for the New Zealand wicket keeper. Figure that one out! What's more the kiwi keeper is also captaining a former Indian captain who is a demi-God for the state he is leading.

If the Australian captain had not pulled out of the IPL, then he too would have been playing for the Kiwi keeper.

The England captain is not good enough to be a part of the IPL, while England's 20-20 captain is not good enough to get into the team led by the Indian Vice Captain.

And a former England captain was leading a side with 2 former Indian captains before he flew back to his adopted land. Now one of the former Indian captains is in charge.

Plus, we also have a former Sri Lankan captain playing under a former India captain. What's more they're even opening partners.

All this while the Pakistan captain and the former one are currently trying to figure out the stand-in Australian captain in the middle of the desert.

And then they say there are no egos in the dressing rooms!

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  1. achettup said...

    After reading that post, I think I'm finally beginning to understand Buchanan's multiple captaincy theory. You don't need captains, they just mess things up when they're all partof the same team later. What if by making McCullum captain he was trying to show Ponting, Ganguly and Gayle that that was what he thought of their captaincies...

    The trouble with the theory is McCullum stands no chance in that dressing room and KKR are at the bottom and Buck is gonna have to find some other gullible actor to fleece next year.

  2. Q said...

    If Buchanan was giving that msg he surely did it the wrong way!

    If what FIP wrote abt Gayle and McCullums exchange is true then that shows what the dressing room thinks of McCullum..

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