Saturday, May 2, 2009

KKR Not For Sale, SRK's Love Not for Sale, Fake IPL Player to Disclose Identity!

SP reported it on BCC!, while Jrod asked how much you would pay for the Kolkata Knight Riders.

But it seems like all those used spoons and cutlery, mangy towels, rechargeable batteries, crisps, milkshakes; and everything else you all were willing to offer Shah Rukh Khan; will not be of any use as King Khan has denied that he is looking to sell his cricket team.

"The amount of love I have invested in it, nobody in this world can afford to buy it"

That is what SRK said after casting his vote in India.

Now we know that its SRK's love that is invested in KKR and not his money.

No wonder the team hasn't been able to win anything in the IPL.

Someone needs to tell SRK that he needs to stop paying his players in kind and needs to dish out the moolah.

That will get them to perform.

On the pitch that is, not where SRK wants them to perform.

We also know now that SRK's love is not for sale!

You can't buy it. You can only earn it.

Karan-Arjun will vouch for that.

Despite denying the rumors that he was selling KKR, he did say that he will not be returning to South Africa any time soon.

"If my team continues to lose like this, I am not going back to South Africa. I will go only when they play well and win"

SRK has ditched his team alright, but he's not selling it.

So if he's going to keep it and since KKR are not going to win anything, then SRK is definitely thinking of an overhaul.

Bye bye Buchanan and family? Surely.

What about McCullum? He'll play I guess but won't captain for sure.

And Saurav? Will probably come back and lead unless SRK wants burnt effigies of himself all over Kolkata.

What about the Fake IPL Player? Maybe he'll get a game, but his latest post says that he's going to retire from all forms of cricket following the IPL and also disclose his identity!

Suddenly, I can't wait for the IPL to be over!

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  1. achettup said...

    I don't know how accurate those reports are, apparently he has been trying to sell small stakes for a long time and Nokia, Sahara etc were interested but wanted management control... so this might just have been speculation after his decision not to return to watch the game. I don't think there's much doubt about Buchanan's future with the team, despite his war of words with Gavaskar it looks like he's finally beginning to question why the support staff is so large.
    Regarding the FIP... I'm retiring from all forms of professional snow boarding tomorrow... though the closest I've been to a snowboard was when I was busy falling over every turn at a beginner's ski course.

  2. Q said...

    Achettup what ur saying is what ive been reading in the media as well.. same goes for his denying of the fact that he's selling.. its all in the media, so what is true?

    Abt questioning the support staff is also something that ive read in the press and on Fake IPL blog.. so again we dont know if its true?

    Cricket or not, I wud like to know who he is ;-)

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