Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mohammad Yousuf Disgusts Me

A long time back, Scorpicity had posted about Mohammad Yousuf's greed regarding his ICL-IPL turn.

At the time, I defended Yousuf and talked about how he had been treated harshly and so on.

Since that post, Yousuf left Pakistan, joined the ICL, left the ICL, and is now pledging his future to Pakistan.

What Bullshit!

Apologies for the extreme reaction, but even that is an understatement for what Yousuf said yesterday.

"I am available to play for Pakistan which has always been my priority”

I can't believe he has the audacity to say something like that considering that he ditched Pakistan at the last hour after being announced in the ODI squad to face the West Indies in Abu Dhabi.

He ditched them and flew to India without informing anyone.

The PCB found out through his wife for God's sake.

And then this man says that Pakistan is his priority. Someone needs to shut him up!

He doesn't stop, he goes on.

"I had a problem with the captain at that time so I left. I had issues with the previous board administration as well. Now I have no problems at all with Younis, or this board. The country comes first and this board has offered me to play for Pakistan once I leave the ICL.”

For starters, I feel the board has made a mistake by offering him. If they have that is. Knowing Yousuf, he could be lieing.

For Yousuf, the country does not come first, only he does. Its all about him, him, and him.

Even if he had problems with the pevious captain and administration, that is no justification for ditching the country.

If the country came first for him, he would have played for his country without worrying about the captain or the administration.

There is no guarantee that Younis Khan will remain Pakistan captain and not be replaced by someone Yousuf has a problem with.

I am sure that if Yousuf returns to play for Pakistan, he will leave them again and join the ICL when they hold their next tournament in October.

He disgusts me.

And I hope to God that for the sake of Pakistan cricket and its future, the board, the selectors, the team, the captain - all of them - stay away from Mohammad Yousuf and not bring him back into the side.

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  1. Leela said...


    I always prefer people like Akhtar to Moyo; at least Akhtar is what he is.
    Moyo just keeps flipping and flopping! You are right he is disgusting.

  2. SledgeHammer said...

    I defended Yousuf at that time as well. Especially in the face of the Canada visa mess. That PCB didn't make it an issue is pathetic.

    And if he wants to move to ICL or whatever, then that's his choice. As mentioned in the comments of a previous Yousuf post, we all look for better financial options for ourselves (within the boundary of law, of course).

    But to say that playing for Pakistan has been his priority - now that is pathetic and so blatantly untrue!

    Sorry Yousuf, you can't get away with that.

  3. Q said...

    Leela i agree.. Shoaib for one is committed to the country. Always has been.

    I hope to God Moyo is not brought back.

  4. Q said...

    I'm with you Sledge.. I did speak up for him during all that.. but soon after he left for the ICL and started speaking against MAlik, the board, and everything I have failed to understand him. He's lost all the respect many people had for him.

  5. Rayden said...

    Its funny how he says Pakistan is his priority in one sentence and in the very next sentence says he left because he had a problem with the captain and administration. How can you leave because of them if your country is your main priority?

    Unfortunately both India and Pakistan have been plagued by such players who play only for themselves.

    Although on a good note, i feel the current bunch of players from both countries do play for the country. Don't know how you feel but we here feel things are changing for the better.

  6. Q said...

    Good to see you here Rayden.

    Things are definitely changing for the better in India.. about Pakistan, I'm not too sure if I can say the same..

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