Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Fake IPL Player Continues to Play

I was looking for some reactions to the match fixing claims surrounding the Kolkata Knight Riders and Bangalore Royal Challengers match, and I found this:

"Why would someone pay us to lose a match when we are doing the same for free?"

The Fake IPL Player at his best! That was just absolutely hilarious!

Fake goes on and talks about how he and his KKR team mates are being investigated for match fixing.

Then Homer pointed me to this piece of news, in which Lalit Modi denies that any team in the IPL is being investigated for match fixing.

So then who is right?

The Fake IPL Player or Lalit Modi?

Either Lalit Modi is covering up the investigation that is going on.


The Fake IPL Player has finally given us reason to doubt his credibility.

Fake has a new poll running on his site, which asks you to vote on who you think the Fake IPL Player really is.

Currently, "Journo with inside info", is leading the polls with 30% of the votes. While 18% think that Fake is none of the 10,000 choices he has given in the polls.

However, after this, i.e. getting caught talking about an investigation that was a mere media rumour than anything else, I sense the votes for "a complete fakey" could go spiralling upwards.

Vote and decide for yourself.

Make your pitch on this post...

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5 Pitched:

  1. Indophile said...

    Well I just saw Mumbai Indian proving you right Q Indian team of 90's all the way . Shit old memories like Chennai test started dancing in front of my eyes when I just saw their batting .

  2. Indophile said...

    And cheers to BRC for holding their nerves during a similar situation

  3. Q said...

    I know exactly what ur saying Indophile :-)

  4. Som said...

    The contradictory match-fixing claims by FIPL and the even more fake Lalit Modi prompt me to guess that the Fake IPL Player is none but Jaggu Dalmiya, since he has a long history of being at the loggerheads with Lalit. Whatever Jaggu said, LM always had a diagonally opposite view.

  5. Q said...

    I know of that history Som and also the long standing dosti between Jaggu and Dada.. but then is Jaggu really that eloquent when it comes to the English language?

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