Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fake IPL Player gets Emotional

Its true.

Check out his latest post.

He calls out to the people.

He thanks them for making him who he is.

He thanks them for paying him.

He tells them that its his duty to entertain them.

He tells them that they all are a part of his identity.

It looked liked the Fake IPL Player had just won a Filmfare award and Sajid Khan did not get him off the podium in time!

Here's the part I enjoyed the most:

"Now, while I created FIP, your participation by way of comments, love,
appreciation, feedback, criticism, jokes, converations, brickbats, abuses etc
have made FIP what it is today. FIP belongs to all of you as much as it belongs
to me. And whether FIP's identity should be disclosed or not, or how it should
be taken forward, is as much your decision as mine."

He has left it to the people to decide whether he should reveal his identity or not.

He's got a poll running on his Fake IPL Player blog. Check it out and vote for what you want.

Somewhere in there I sensed that he was hoping that the people would not want him to reveal his identity.

But an overwhelming 62% want him to!

Another 3% of the people, which is about a 100 of them, want to see the Fake IPL Player get his ass kicked.

I wonder if that's the KKR support staff. About a 100 of them? Yeah.

Do you want to know who he is or get his ass kicked, or would you rather let it remain a mystery?

Vote and let him know.

Make your pitch on this post...

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7 Pitched:

  1. straight point said...

    now he has started doing...emosanal atyachaar!

  2. mahatru goyal said...

    tauba tera emotional atyachaar.......ghosh this FIP is getting interesting

  3. Rayden said...

    "It looked liked the Fake IPL Player had just won a Filmfare award and Sajid Khan did not get him off the podium in time!"

    Thats hilarious. I have a feeling if Sajid Khan did ask him to get off, he would go all Ashutosh Gowarikar on him.

  4. Q said...

    SP: haha, i believe he had a post by that title, didnt he?

  5. Q said...

    Mahatru: I believe he was more interesting when he started off..

  6. Q said...

    Rayden: Imagine the FIP standing up, waving his hands, and shouting: "YOU CANNOT INSULT AN IPL STAR ON THIS PODIUM!"... all in Gowarikar style!

  7. Anonymous said...

    Indian Comments League - a side view on the Fake IPL Player Blog

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