Monday, May 11, 2009

How Much Do Onions Cost in England?

Journalists had started thinking about their pun-filled headlines as soon as Graham Onions was announced in the England squad to face the West Indies.

Then they had a field day when Onions managed a 5 wicket haul in his debut innings and a match haul of 7 - the journos were going gaga with their headlines as soon as the match was over. Even before it I think.

I don't care much for Onions. Never liked them, tasted them very few times, and always try to avoid them.

The new Onions, I haven't seen, so whether he is any good besides headline potential, I am not too sure.

But I do wonder that in a team with a Cook, a Bell, a Broad, and a Swan; why is it that it was Onions that resulted in the headline frenzy?

Hell they even have a Sidebottom!

Not to mention the Flower!

What would they do with Onions?

Make your pitch on this post...

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5 Pitched:

  1. RZDI said...

    Oh the English and their wit !

    They went chasing Monty all the way to Amritsar when he first arrived. As for Onions, its too early to comment on whether he is half the bowler the media has made him to be. The fact that he was bowling to a side reeling in the bottom of the test rankings and some of its superstars still in IPL mode, would have certainly helped.

  2. A P Webster said...

    I think the reasons for the punning are as follows:

    Cook and Bell are common enough names in the UK that they don't immediately suggest novelty to the average journalist's mind.

    'Broad' to mean woman isn't a term often used in the UK, and he's nowhere near large enough for there to be any puns on Broad in the, ahem, 'wider' sense.

    Swann has, to be fair, been the subject of a few puns over here, but Onions is such an unusal name that it has captured the limited imaginations of headline writers everywhere.

    If Phil Mustard ever makes it into the Test side, then there will no doubt be lots of questions to Alastair Cook about him and Graham Onions, purely so that someone can write "Cook: Onions and Mustard important ingredients" or "Cook says the recipie for success is Onions and Mustard".

    Sidebottom is a funny name, but doesn't have much headline potential.

  3. Q said...

    RZDI: good to c u here on Well Pitched.

    I agree that its too early, but he did manage what none of the England bowlers could manage in 4 tests in the West Indies, hence the frenzy around him.

    Nonetheless, the English media has been quite entertaining

  4. Q said...

    AP: thanks for the explanation.. On this side of the world, Cook and Bell are just as strange as Onions!

    Love the Cook, Mustard, and Onions puns.. no reason why it can't be done with only Cook and Onions.. particularly if Cook takes a few off his bowling in the slips.

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