Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am more Konfused than Kolkata!

I don't want to see grumpy old Yuvraj Singh anywhere near the IPL semi finals, but I like the sight of Priety Zinta waving a flag and jumping around.

I feel very sorry for Brendon McCullum and Saurav Ganguly, but I don't want the Kolkata Knight Riders to win another match in the tournament.

I want to see Royal Challengers Bangalore in the semi finals, but I cannot stand the sight of Jacques Kallis batting and Rahul Dravid trying so hard.

I want Dhoni to win, win, and win, but I hate the sight of Chennai's uniform and for some reason I just don't like the team.

I don't want to see the Mumbai Indians in the semi finals, but I hate to see Sachin Tendulkar lose match after match.

I don't think the Rajasthan Royals deserve to win the IPL this year, but I want Shane Warne to do it all over again.

I want the Delhi Daredevils to win it this year, but I don't want to see the Deccan Chargers lose it.

I want the Deccan Chargers to become the IPL champions this year, but I want Virender Sehwag to lift the IPL trophy!

Am I alone in this estranged boat?

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  1. Leela said...


    Except for that line "for some reason I just don't like the team." regdg CSK, I feel the same way!
    Yuvraj is GRUMPY!

  2. Chullanz said...

    am confused as well but can only agree with u abt yuvi

  3. Tifosi Guy said...

    Ah mate - you are suffering from the one problem Modi needs to figure out to resolve if he needs to make the IPL, like his grandeur plan of the English Premier League.

    For me - my choices are very clear cut. The first team I want to see lifting the IPL is CSK ( because I was born and brought up in Chennai), else RR ( Warne , need I say more!).

    I would be wholly disappointed if either of them aren't in the finals. That's why last years final was ideal. Sure CSK lost, but the fact that they lost to RR made the defeat palatable :)

  4. scorpicity said...

    Am not confused... somehow am just bored... same complaints like last time, way too long this tournament.

    Where are Zinta's flag holding assistants gone?

  5. scorpicity said...

    And Tifosi... you a maiden fan? Rock on!!

  6. Q said...

    Leela: I knew you would not like that.. I just cant my finger on it, I just cant get myself to support them despite how much I support Dhoni!

  7. Q said...

    Chullanz: the confusion makes it more exciting!

  8. Q said...

    TG: I dont think its a problem really.. even though im confused, im enjoying it.. I believe for the non-Indians it is a bit difficult to support just 1 team because they are not associated to any of the 8 regions.. the reason I say its not a problem is because, despite this confusion, I just love the intensity and the competition at display.. the cricket has been awesome.. and maybe its better not to be associated with any 1 team.. there's no emptional attachment.. and u dont really mind who wins.. u just enjoy the game.

  9. Q said...

    Scorps: i disagree.. its an amazing format and I believe it should be replicated in the World twenty20, which is way too short.. The beauty of the IPL is that we still dont know who the semi finalists will be.

    If Mumbai win right now, it opens up a number of other options!

  10. Anonymous said...

    Q, lot of north indians just dislike chennai. Since pakistan is closer in culture to ni(atleast the punjabi part), is it in your genes to hate chennai team members?

  11. Q said...

    Anonymous: I don't think its that. For one I don't like the yellow. I was never a fan of Hayden or Murali. And honestly, I don't know why. I just cant get myself to support them. I think its the name! Superkings! What kind of a name is that?

    And for the record Ottayan and Leela are huge CSK fans and I got nothing against them so it aint in my genes at all :-)

  12. Leela said...


    I am not sure we can make generalizations like that.

    I am not from Chennai, however, I do support Chennai.

  13. Rayden said...

    I feel exactly the same way in all of those points. Only that I did want Mumbai Indians to win the IPL. But then I also know they absolutely don't deserve to win. They cant even get 6 runs of 9 balls with 4 wickets in hand!!

  14. Q said...

    Leela: We definitely cant make those generalizations. I agree.

  15. Q said...

    Rayden: so many mixed feelings in the IPL.. I love it!

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