Monday, May 18, 2009

The IPL Race to the Semi Finals - How Can You Get There?

1. How Chennai SuperKings will get there

By beating Kings XI Punjab. Its quite simple for them - win the game and get to 17 points, which no other team can get.

If they lose, then they will probably also get there.

Even if Kings XI get to 16 by beating CSK, and Deccan get to 16 by beating Bangalore, CSK will be at 4th with 15.

The Royals can get to 15 points by beating KKR, but to get their Net Run Rate from -0.36 to beyond +0.93 maybe mathematically possible, but it is practically impossible.

Hence, CSK, their fans, Leela - You got nothing to worry about. In a way it might also be good that their shocking loss came before the semis.

2. How Rajasthan Royals can get there

For starters, by winning their match against the Kolkata Knight Riders. If they lose they will surely be out.

But only winning will not get them there, other results will also have to go their way - either one of the Kings XI or Deccan will have to lose their last match.

If both of them win, the Royals are out irrespective of their result against KKR.

3. How Royal Challengers Bangalore can get there

I think they have the most chances to get there, but they have 2 tough games against the Delhi Daredevils and the Deccan Chargers.

If RCB win both their matches, then will surely be through, no matter what the result of the other matches. They have a better NRR than Kings XI and victories will make that even better.

There's a possibility though that they can get to the semis even by winning 1 of their 2 matches.

For that to happen, the Royals will have to lose to KKR, and the Kings to CSK.

That way RCB will be tied on 14 points with the Kings and with a better NRR to let them through.

4. How Kings XI Punjab can get there

They can get there even if they lose but also not get there even if they win.

See how confusing this is.

If they lose to CSK, then they can get there if the Royals lose to KKR and RCB loses both its matches.

If Kings XI beat CSK, then they could still be knocked out if RCB wins both its matches.

They've got it quite tough I reckon.

5. How Deccan Chargers can get there

If they beat RCB then they will surely be through.

But if they lose, then they will be able to get to the semis if Kings XI lose to CSK and the Royals lose to KKR.

Actually, even if one of the above results holds true, then Deccan can get their despite losing to RCB, provided that RCB had lost to Delhi.

See how intense the final few days of the group stages are?

No one will be slacking for sure.

Its going to be intense!

Delhi lot, you have nothing to worry about besides thinking who you would like to play in the semis. Maybe you can manipulate some results and make money while you're at it - Banjo Cassim is around I hear.

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  1. Mahek said...

    Punjab are through if they win buddy. They would have 16 points, as would Bangalore if they win both their games. Chennai would have 15 points as they would have lost to Punjab, while Deccan would have 14 after losing their last game to Bangalore. Hence, it would be:


  2. Viswanathan said...


    Glad to know, CSK makes it to the semi's one way or the other.

  3. Rayden said...

    After going through this post I realized how confusing the names of the teams are. I always get confused between King XI and Super Kings + Royal Challengers and Rajasthan Royals. We need some creative names.

    Although all those 4 teams have a better name than Mumbai Indians. Next thing you know the champions league will have Lahore Pakistanis, Sydney Australians and London English.

  4. Q said...

    TCS: you're right.. i was sure i was getting a bit confused about Punjab.. dont know how i messed it up. Thanks for the clarification.

  5. Q said...

    Ott: I know ur ecstatic!! :-)

  6. Q said...

    Rayden: besides the Deccan Chargers (best name) and KKR, all the other teams were quite un-innovative in their name picking/giving ways.

  7. achettup said...

    So who are you going with Q? I think its going to end up being Delhi, Chennai, Deccan and Punjab... And then Delhi beat Punjab and Deccan beat Chennai. And then Deccan beat Delhi. Kickass!

  8. Q said...

    Ach: I would like to see Deccan, RR, Delhi, and CSK in the semis..

    And I would love to see a deccan vs RR final.. what I would give to watch Warne take on Gilly for a championship. Hell i'll even watch them in a UFC battle!

    Dont think that would happen though.

    I dont want Kings XI anywhere near the semis.

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