Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kolkata Knight Riders On Top - Not in Cricket but in Brand Valuation

"Which of the IPL franchises will become Twenty20’s equivalent of Manchester United, Real Madrid or LA Lakers?"
That is not me asking you. The CEO of MTI Consulting asks that in a new report on the IPL titled, IPL Brand Value Scorecard 2009.
The report is a joint effort between MTI Consulting and Intangible Business, and presents the Brand Valuations of the 8 IPL franchises.
The report is quite an interesting read as are the results of the Brand Valuation Excercise.
Surprised? So was I!
Well atleast the Kolkata Knight Riders are topping some sort of table.
But one surely raises an eyebrow when they see the worst performing team of IPL 2009 at the top, no matter what the excercise, and the defending champions right at the bottom.
MTI Consulting and Intangible Business explain this by stating that on-field performance hold no bearing over the valuation of a brand.
That does sound slightly strange considering that the valuation excercise is that of sporting entities, hence how strong or how good a team is should have some bearing on its value.
That is not the case however. The value being calculated is of the brand name, in a way the business entity that a Kolkata Knight Riders or Delhi Daredevils is, rather than the cricket team.
Hence the factors that go behind calculating the value of these 8 IPL franchises are things like their ability to engage with local communities, star power, media exposure, international relevance, ability to generate future income, public interest, and so on.
So what MTI Consulting and Intangible Business did was gather data regarding the teams such as website visits, match attendance, TV viewing figures, and other things.
They say this was publicly available data, and all from 2008, hence the Fake IPL Player plays no part in the calculation of KKR's brand value.
Well atleast Shahrukh Khan has something to smile about!
The whole methodology, the data used, what it means, and the rankings with explanations in detail can be seen in the full report, which as I said is an interesting read.
You can download it from here, or send me an email on wellpitched@gmail.com and I will mail it to you along with the quotes from the directors at MTI Consulting and Intangible Business.

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13 Pitched:

  1. Damith S. said...

    ya its pretty strange that there is no corelation between the two.

    if you look at man u or barca or real its a brand built on the success of the team.

    i dont think man u would be so popular if they were popping up at the rear end of the epl tables.

  2. raj said...

    Well, I am glad RR are bottom here. Theirs is scrappy dog-fight cricket. When they win, they dont win it on an exciting Gilchrist volcanic knock or an exhibition of skills like Delhi. Warne somehow psychologically diminishes his opponents' performance, lower the quality of Cricket, and wins the resultantt skill-devalued dog fight based on his mental strength and will power. Yusuf Pathan hits big but neither there is grace nor the machismo of Gilly. There is something missing in his big hitting that excites the nerves.
    KKR being on top is a joke ofcourse - and is probably built on Shah Rook Caan's image. But RR being bottom is thoroughly deserved.
    Even the Deccan Chargers, while losing last year in most matches, played some incandescent cricket, with Symonds and Gilly providing excellent watches. RR are yet to provide a consummate performance in the IPL in two years. Scraping Wrestlers, they are, and they deserve to be bottom in public image, for they dont provide wholesome entertainment or sporting excellence.

    (This I say, despite backing htem to win this year, too.)

  3. straight point said...

    while the market situation is that sprite brand was forced to edit his ad campaign showing kkr...this report comes as full of surprises...

  4. BiLo said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. Q said...

    Damith: thats an excellent point.. i agree wat u say abt Man U, hence its even stranger that this report ranks RR so low.. and for that KKR so high!

  6. Q said...

    SP: I didn't know abt the Sprite campaign - how did they change the ad? But ur right, if that was the case then i dont c how KKR was 1.

  7. Q said...

    Raj: how can u say that RR dont provide exciting cricket or entertainment or sporting excellence?

    I think even in what u described - Warne psyching out his opponents, Pathan's brute force - there is excitement and entertainment, not to mention sporting excellence.

  8. Anonymous said...

    It is probably the only franchise that advertises a lot of television too.

    It is funny that they are still airing the "Is bar tum bhi jeetoge" commercial!

  9. Rayden said...

    Totally surprised by this as well. Probably its because of SRKs own brand value in India. Also he made some intelligent tie-ups with Nokia, Reebok, Sprite etc etc. They still dominate all advertising and they have the best merchandizing plan of all teams. Its too bad the team was ruined by Mr. Buchanan and now we hear about racist comments by Andy Bichel on Agarkar and Indians in general. This whole KKR thing sucks big time now.

  10. Q said...

    12th Man: does KKR advertise more than all other franchises?

    If thats so then its not surprising that their brand is better recognized than the others.

  11. Q said...

    Rayden: I think SRK has learnt his lesson. Next year, KKR will bounce back sans Buchanan and family.

  12. Anonymous said...

    Q, two names. Swapnil Asnodkar and Chucker Pacers. Watching SA edge and luck his way to a number of good scores last year and setting platforms for RR wins is stil fresh in my memory. That wasnt great cricket. Atleast, Tanvir was there providing quality bowling. This year we have the lineup of chuckers. Warne's strategy is clear - get an army of chuckers, as soon as one is called, get in the next one, and so on. If you have 7 chuckers, you can cover 14 matches even if all of them are banned. If you watch closely, they win matches based on missed run outs etc(remember the idiotic Fidel Edwards this year? He lost the match for Hyderabad by lazily not collecting the ball or getting out of the way when Gilly had studied the situation quikcly and thrown the ball towards non strikers end. Rohit was waiting there. But for Fidel's stupid errof of intercepting the ball and then not collecting it, RR could have lost that match). Remembe Mumbai last year - lost because Sanath didnt collect a throw from the deep. I have a long memory Q, and I remember how RR won their matches. I'd rather watch a knock like McCullum's today. RR play ugly cricket.

  13. Q said...

    Anonymous: u cannot be serious abt Warne using a strategy of using chuckers ???

    McCullum played a good knock no doubt, but sadly for KKR Taylor played a better one.

    I would rather watch Warne bowl any day.

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