Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IPL's Retired Cricketers

"I'm 43 but wouldn't mind having a crack at it. I think I'll go okay but I am not sure if any side is desperate to take me"

Matthew Hayden, Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist, and Glen McGrath have got Steve Waugh thinking about the IPL.

And Steve Waugh has got me thinking.

If he can make a return to cricket, via the IPL, at the age of 43, then which other retired cricketers can do the same?

Here are my top 5 candidates whom I reckon could come back from retirement, play in the IPL, and also be succesful at it!

5. Lance Klusener (Age: 37, Best Fit: Royal Challengers Bangalore)

The IPL will more than welcome his big hitting and pace bowling, if only he lets go of his ICL contract. He can still hit the ball big, and when in full flow there isn't a bigger hitter than him in the game. Ideal for 20-20 cricket.

Royal Challengers Bangalore because of their liking for South Africans.

4. Ravi Shastri (Age: 46, Best Fit: Kolkata Knight Riders)

For starters, it will keep him away from the commentary box. I would rather see him hitting DLF maximums instead of calling them. I reckon he still can. His spin will be more than handy in a tournament where the spinners have picked up a lot of wickets.

Kolkata Knight Riders because Ganguly could do with a supporter and also so that he could get closer to the FIP and save his marriage from falling apart.

3. Mark Waugh (Age: 43, Best Fit: Rajasthan Royals)

If Steve Waugh can think about it, then why not his twin who was the better one in the shorter version of the game. I reckon Mark Waugh can still give many openers a run for their money, moreso in the IPL.

Rajasthan Royals because they could do with some more batting firepower and Shane Warne could do with an old mate.

2. Brian Lara (Age: 40, Best Fit: Mumbai Indians)

His ICL contract runs out next year and who knows, the IPL might just pick him up. The way he was hitting the ball just before retirement tells me that he still has it in him to light up a 20-20 game. If Sanath can do it at 40, no reason why Lara can't.

Mumbai Indians only because I would love to see two masters - Sachin and Lara - in the same team!

1. Wasim Akram (Age: 42, Best Fit: Chennai SuperKings)

More than anything, I would love to see him back! I saw him a year ago in an exhibition match held in Abu Dhabi and I'm telling you he can still trouble many batsmen. The pace might be a bit slower but the swing is intact and that too both ways and as late as ever. Add hi big hitting to it and one has the perfect IPL candidate.

Chennai SuperKings because for how much he praises Dhoni, he might as well play and perform for him. And something to do with big men (Flintoff, Oram, Gony, AB) being a part of the team.

Now its up to the IPL franchises to offer these guys contracts. No one said that only the retired Australians could be a part of it.

Honourable Mention:

John Buchanan (Age: 56, Best Fit: Whoever hires his family as well)

Might as well see him apply his theories on the field and on himself!

Make your pitch on this post...

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10 Pitched:

  1. straight point said...

    how can you forget our own azhar bhai for hyderabad...? ;-)

  2. straight point said...

    ...and inzamam ul haq for delhi daredevils to bring sanity in the team... :)

  3. Q said...

    SP: I thought of Azhar but then besides being retired there is the small issue of lifting the ban as well ;-) .. plus wud Deccan Chargers really want him?

  4. Q said...

    I thought of Inzy too but had already included 2 ICL players so thought against it.

    Thought I might say I would love to see him a part of the IPL.

  5. Rayden said...

    Somehow I just cant see Steve Waugh doing well in IPL even during his playing days. Now Inzy would have been a really good pick for any team. As for Lara, he has the same curse that Tendulkar has, whatever team he plays in, rest all suck :-)

  6. life_in_binary said...


    tell me more about this exhibition match in abu dhabi? cuz i am not ready to accept that i slept through it and had no idea that Wasim Akram was bowling here in auh!

    and yes Inzi gets my vote over the Waugh brother's and Lara! hez a certified finisher! :)

  7. Q said...

    Rayden: Sachin these days is stuck in an Indian team where no one sucks :-)

    Steve Waugh might have done well as a utility cricketer - bat at 5-6, bowl a bit, not to mention captain a team.

    Inzy, no doubt!

  8. Q said...

    LIB: it was a diabetes awareness match between an India Stars XI and a Pakistan Stars XI.. Wasim Akram was there, Robin Singh, and a bunch of stars: Sunil Shetty, Jimmy Shergill, Muammar Rana and others.. some hotties were there too: Riya Sen, Neha Dhupia..

    It happened around end of 2007 :-)

  9. Aashrey said...

    Ooh, I would love to see Akram bowling again.

  10. Q said...

    Aashrey: wouldnt we all :-)

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