Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poor Brendon McCullum

I can't help feeling so so sorry for Brendon McCullum.

The poor guy hasn't been in form all IPL; then all of a sudden he plays a great knock, carries his bat through the innings, holds the innings together and then attacks, scores an unbeaten 84 off only 64 deliveries, and leads his team to their highest total of this IPL season.

And what do the Kolkata Knight Riders do?

They lose trying to defend 173!

What's worse is that it was McCullum's New Zealand teammate, Ross Taylor, who took the game away from him.

First you lose all the games u play, then you finally set a match winning target, you sniff a victory, only to be out done by your mate.

How sad is that.

Poor McCullum.

A good day for the Kiwis though - after McCullum's innings came that smashing knock of 81 from Ross Taylor off only 33 deliveries!

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4 Pitched:

  1. Rayden said...

    Oh well I feel sorry for Mcullum as well but honestly as far as I am concerned, I want KKR to lose each and every match that too by huge margins. Sorry to Mcullum, Hussey and Ganguly for thinking this way.

  2. Q said...

    I feel the same way Rayden.

  3. straight point said...

    Q...see the negativity (rayden) i was talking about in my post... :)

  4. Q said...

    I see exactly what u mean SP.

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