Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Robin Jackman Out Does Rameez Raja

Yesterday I said that another commentator would have to drink quite a bit to out do Rameez Raja's slip ups regarding Andrew Symonds.

Rameez almost out did himself in today's first IPL match when he called Danny Morrison by the name of Indian actor who goes by the same first name as Morrison's.

To be fair, that was more funny than anything else, especially how he said it.

But Robin Jackman, it seems, is functioning on levels way beyond Rameez Raja today.

His first slip up came when the highlights of Sunny Sohal's blazing innings were being shown.

Jackman in his excitement said, "he hit them over leg, and vice versa!"

English is also my 2nd language, but I think that literally means, "he hit them over leg, and the leg hit them over him!"

Wow! I never thought a leg could hit the ball over a batsman!

The 2nd slip up came when Sachin dropped a chance of Harbhajan at 1st slip.

Jackman at that point said, "it was to his left but it should have been taken".

Only that it wasn't. It was to Jackman's left, and our left who are wathing it on TV, but it was to Sachin's right!

I wonder if these commentators have another bet going on besides the bedding Sandy Baddy Babe one.

They out do each other everyday!

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  1. Rayden said...

    Seriously - whats up with those IPL commentators? I have never seen so many errors by these guys ever.

  2. Q said...

    Booze is openly flowing in the grounds including the commentary boxes and the commentators are making merry!

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