Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why are the Australians Nervous?

The Australian squad for the Ashes is going to be announced tomorrow and apparently the Australians are nervous.


What is there to be nervous about?

For one, I'm not even sure if they are nervous. Cricinfo claims they are with the headline, "Australians face nervous wait".

So who exactly is waiting nervously?

Again, Cricinfo's sub-headlines are:

"Watson closes in on Ashes call-up"

"Ponting backs Symonds"

"Nervy Hughes awaits call-up"

"McDonald sweats"

They have got to be kidding me. I mean seriously.

Shane Watson closed in on his Ashes call-up as soon as he hit that 40 odd in his 1st hit against Pakistan.

Don't tell me the Aussie selectors had not shoed him in right then - the sight of Watson scoring gets them off, we all know that by now. And that century in the final hit would have sealed his spot.

Ricky Ponting doesn't need to back Symonds. Its quite obvious the selectors are going to pick him as well.

The 50 against Pakistan in the 2nd ODI and the subsequent appearance at the press conference with Micheal Clarke to sort of seek redemption at the hands of the media and talk up an Ashes spot made it quicte obvious that Symonds had one foot on the plane.

The oddest one is about Phil Hughes.

Why in the world is he nervy?

Does he, or Cricinfo, actually think that after scoring centuries and 150s in his debut test series against South Africa, and then knocking ton after ton at Middlesex is going to keep him out of the Australian test team?

Even the one about McDonald amused me.

He has no reason to sweat. He should just chill out and a book a summer holiday to some part of the world.

Obviously with Symonds and Watson on that plane to England, McDonald is not going anywhere.

So who is nervous? and why are they?

The Australian fans surely aren't. They're pretty sure the Ashes are coming home.

So are the English for that matter.

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