Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daniel Vettori's reaction after loss to Sri Lanka

By an Anonymous Commenter

Reporter: That was tepid. Do you think your batsmen imploded during the run chase?

Vettori: Yes.

Reporter: Both you and Sangakkara used spinners during the powerplay. What do you think they did right, that your spinners couldn't?

Vettori: We were amazed as to how the spinners got to spin the ball. I couldn't do it. How could they? I have never seen the ball spin in the first 6 overs of a match.

Reporter: Surely, you seem to have lost the plot. A couple of days ago you were casting doubts on abilities of the finest pacer in the T20 game, now you are doing the same regarding the finest spinners in the game. What happened to the Kiwi spirit?

Vettori: Ohh umm, I think Fleming took it with him.

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21 Pitched:

  1. Unknown said...

    hahaha..very nice Q..

  2. SledgeHammer said...

    I used to have a lot of respect for Vettori. Always seemed to me like an engineer on a cricket field.

    But first came his strange comments about TV referrals. And now his pathetic attempt at finding something to blame (ball tampering) for his loss rather than his useless team.

    Between this, and events like the Murali run-out, my respect for the NZ team is slowly disappearing. I really liked them at one stage, but they are making it hard.

    I will always love their t-shirts though (not so much the ones they wore this time around, but in previous tournaments - black shirt with the fern leaf).

  3. Obaid said...

    Two words... sore losers

  4. Q said...


    An "anonymous" person left that comment in the previous post. I thought it was hilarious!

  5. Q said...


    Yeah.. they always seemed like the team to win the fairplay award or the spirit of cricket award and so on.. but in recent times they have really given strange comments.. mostly Vettori..

    Probably it was Fleming and the men before him who brought out the nice side and Vettori thought it was abt time they stopped playing Mr. Nice Guy.

  6. Rayden said...

    Have to say Vettori's comments were really surprising mainly because it came from "Vettori". I mean I actually had him as one of the really nice guys of world cricket and I am more than surprised he questioned Gul's bowling.

  7. Anonymous said...

    well some of the past episodes from pakistan history makes opposition captains question a very good bowling display from its bowlers.

    not quite Gul's mistake but owe it to the history.

    dont term me hater.

  8. SledgeHammer said...

    @Superunknown: Shane Warne took drugs. Hence we should bring up drugs as an issue whenever Australia play.

  9. Q said...


    As Sledge points out, Vettori has made some strange comments lately and even I find it surprising..

    I guess that shows that we can't go by how someone looks ;-)

  10. Q said...


    Ur not a hater, I know :-) ..

    But what history man? I think Pak bowlers have always been unfairly targeted... have any of the ball tampering allegations ever been proven?

    Plus Pak bowlers haven't done anything that other bowlers haven't...

  11. Unknown said...

    I have no idea what you are on about Q...;)

    But seriously, it was'nt me..:P

    As far as Pakistan's supposedly 'dodgy history' is concerned, we should then ask the umpires to check the mouths of the entire English team after every other ball for candies, to ensure that their saliva isnt heavier than it should be (God bless Marcus Trescothick). But of course, they're England, they would never cheat.

    Personally, I think our media should've gone after them much harder than they actually did. If we create a big enough ruckus this time around, we might scare them enough to hold back on their accusations in future.

  12. Q said...


    Not only the candies.. what abt all the grease paint on the foreheads and faces?

    Anyone questioned Flintoff & Co after the Ashes?

    Or Steyn & Co. when they ran havoc against all comers?


  13. Q said...

    Btw Hani,

    What I was working on is now up :-)

  14. Unknown said...

    Oh Q,

    You're mistaken, during the ashes..what ever the English bowlers did was art, how can art be cheating?

    On a side note, living in Canada for the past 5 years, I had forgotten how obsessed people were with cricket...how obsessed I was with cricket..the past couple of weeks have been a nice reminder. Its also nice to find a Pakistani Cricket blog in which the standard of English does not ruin the quality of the posts. I shall be a regular visitor from now on.

  15. Captain^ said...

    I Echo what most of you have said..
    i was an admirer of the New Zealand team myself, but they dissapointed me on that Murali run out incident, hughely, maybe because Sri Lanka is my favorite team after Pakistan and also because im a big murali fan..

    i respected vettori as a cricketer AND as a person, but this episode will force me to think otherwise..

    I think the English, Aussie, and the Kiwi board have discussions on 'what should be said' after a loss to Pakistan

  16. Tazeen said...


  17. Q said...


    Glad to know u like what u read and will be visiting regularly.

    As for the English.. ah the true artists!

  18. Q said...


    That just goes to show that the man cannot be seen from what he looks like.. Vettori may seem the quiet shy type but he surely isn't.. since he became captain he has been giving absurd statements.. So it really was Fleming who took their spirit away ;-)

  19. Q said...

    Cheers Tazeen!

  20. S Z Ahmed said...

    Somehow i tend to think that everything Vettori has said has been placed out of context. I mean yes its absurd in some parts but still understandable from his point of view. But the Murali run-out incident was a step too far though.

  21. Q said...

    SZ Ahmed,

    Welcome to Well Pitched.

    I don't see how anything Vettori said is understandable.

    He said he had never seen the ball reverse swing after the 12th over - clearly he has not watched enough T20 cricket, nor has he seen Umar Gul.

    He complained to the match referee regarding Umar Gul's swing - when the swing wasn't all that much, his bowlers also got it, and it wasn't really the swing that got most of the wkts.

    So nope, nothing Vettori said made sense to me.

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