Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heating Up with the Warm ups

Bangladesh gave a little scare for the second day running in the ICC World Twenty20 warm up games, while the Australians won yet another comfortable game.

They're getting better at 20-20 these Aussies.

In another world, Ireland and Scotland continued to lose.

Take Aways from Day 2 of the Warm-Ups:
  1. Chris Gayle has played his big and fiery innings of the tournament. Don't expect much from him going forward.

  2. The Deshis are in form. India need to worry.

  3. Shakib deserves the tag of the best allrounder in the world.

  4. Sri Lanka are saving Murali for the actual tournament.

  5. No one blows hot and cold like Brendan McCullum; Ryder is continuing from where he left in the IPL.

  6. Styris continues to show that he still has it in him; Franklyn needs to bat higher up.

  7. Mitchell Johnson will be one of the highest wicket takers in the 20-20 world cup.

  8. Australia are not all about Shane Watson in 20-20.

  9. Michael Clarke can play 20-20 cricket.

  10. So can Kevin Pietersen.

  11. Nathan McCullum is not Deepak Patel.

  12. Collingwood is the new Flintoff - breaking partnerships and flattering to deceive with the bat.

  13. The minnows won't be that easy walkovers - or is that only England?

  14. Again, they're just warm ups, don't take em too seriously.

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  1. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Gayle: last time it was that 100 in a losing cause, now this, in a game that doesn't count. By next WC he'll score in his sleep. And nobody will believe him. Except me.

  2. Tifosi Guy said...


    Much like Gayle , Bangladesh I guess has blown hot for the tournament :) I seriously think Ireland would beat them , forget India.

    Unless India has a seriously bad day , I can't see Bangladesh troubling them. Sure, the same was said in WC07 ( the 50 over version !), but here - nah don't see a chance.

    Yep I'm fancying the Aussies more now. I just hope for an Aus - Ind final. Here's wishing the semi's work out right for that final.

  3. Q said...

    NC: looks like everytime he scores, he does it in his sleep.

  4. Q said...

    TG: The way the Deshis are playing, I don't think the Irish can beat them.. but we'll c..

    As for india.. it'll be good if they're not too over confident against them.. 1 never knows.

    As for ur wish of the final - I hope not :-)

  5. Late Inswing said...

    Q - spot on regarding Shakib. Lack of support has probably led to his efforts not being recognised. IPL would have been tailor-made for him (had even one of the eight franchise owners kept their eyes and ears open)

    On Chris Gayle - like the way you put it. Along with Marcus Trescothick he remains the underacheiver of his generation.

  6. raj said...

    Shakib is truly the only player in the world who will get into any international side for his *batting* alone or *bowling* alone. Pity he wasnt picked for the spinners' IPL that was IPL-2. Well, the franchise owners - they picked up ROFL but not Shakib? Mortaza?Ashraful? How the heck can they be so ignorant?

  7. Q said...

    Late Inswing: right on abt SHakib.. dont know how he missed an IPL deal and Ashraful / Murtaza managed one.. he was one of my faves for the auctions.

    Gayle always tends to score big once in a tournament.. doesnt he?

  8. Q said...

    Raj: beats me man!

    He's one to watch out far and deserves his top spot in the allrounders rankings.

  9. Unknown said...

    I'm backing England, and The Village Cricketer's English All-Stars to sweep the board this summer. 9/1 is not bad odds.

  10. Q said...

    Village: all the bets to you then! If you've gambled on those odds, u cud be a very rich man by the end of the cup if England do win..

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