Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Cluttered Mind

During the week leading up to the ICC World Twenty20, besides doing all the team previews and warm-up reviews, I was also busy enrolling myself into fantasy cricket competitions across the web.

Now I am a part of so many of these World T20 fantasy cricket competitions that my mind is all cluttered.

It all started with Scorpicity, who set up a BCC! league on cricketinc's fantasy competition.

That game is so complicated that it required more than one email from Scorpi to make me comprehend the rules and stuff.

Then my reader showed that the Island Cricket boys had set up a fantasy league on Cricinfo, so I hopped on, built a team, and entered that league.

My reader also showed that The Cricket Blog lot from the UK had set up a league for a SuperBru predictions game.

I couldn't be left out could I, so I joined them too.

Then I got an email from Sportsfreak who weighed in to all those demands from me for another tipping competition and finally set one up.

Now this I am excited about because I almost won it the last time, only for some Chinaman to take the lead at the end to deny me my orange cap!

And I don't have to change players and predictions with every match, because the tipping competition is all about making your picks and sticking to them.

Here are all the picks of all the participants of that tipping competition.

I didn't stop there. No way.

I went ahead and built my Fantasy Cricket teams on Cricket Web and Sports Pundit as well!

Having your eggs in multiple baskets surely doesn't work for me because it looks like I won't be winning any of these competitions with this cluttered mind of mine.

Odds are that I may lose track of a few of them before the 20-20 world cup is over.

Thank heavens its only 2 weeks!

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