Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a DUTCH!

No, neither I, nor many others will stop talking about them for some time now.

The British media is not even out with their takes on the defeat to the Dutch, so who are we to stop.

The blogs have been buzzing with their 2-bits on last night's awesome Netherlands win over England.

Here are my 2-bit take aways from the game:
  1. The boundaries seemed bigger in England's innings.

  2. Why doesn't Dirk Nannes take wickets?

  3. Luke Wright is just a slogger. Bopara is the real deal.

  4. Why didn't Peter Borren make it to the New Zealand team?

  5. Tom De Grooth and Darron Reekers will have their agents on the phone with the IPL mob soon.

  6. Speaking of Reekers, he can give the ball some pounding!

  7. Bas Zuiderent looks like Dirk Nannes' long lost mountain brother.

  8. Stuart Broad needs target practice - maybe darts with his own face on the dartboard will help!

  9. The Dutch have made a statement and the other minnows are now sounding warnings - beware New Zealand, India, and Pakistan.

  10. If South Africa were batting, instead of the Dutch, there would have been 4 run outs in the last over.

I can't wait for today's matches - I don't see Scotland upsetting the Kiwis, but I do see the West Indies and Bangladesh doing a Dutch today.

Now that would be something!

Make your pitch on this post...

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11 Pitched:

  1. Unknown said...

    Great start to the tournament. Let's hope Pakistan doesn't go down to these days too!

  2. Abdullah said...

    A gr8 read about Usman Qadir ...

  3. Abdullah said...

    Anyway regarding the thread content what an astonishing tournament opener and hats of to the awesome Dutch.

    That makes Pak vs England on Sunday double as significant.

    Will we see an early exit for Pak or Eng ? I wonder ...........

  4. Q said...

    It is quite a start Razz.

    Welcome to Well Pitched.

    Pakistan must be shaky..

  5. Q said...

    Thanks for sharing the link Maza..

    Tomorrow's match is really very important.. England could be out of their home WC within 3 days! .. and they will come hard at Pakistan.

  6. achettup said...

    Luke Wright was just plain painful to watch, I simply could not understand why they seemed so satisfied with his effort, I don't recall him timing a single stroke.

  7. Q said...

    Ach: completely.. he couldn't time it.. his innings made the commentators and the viewers feel that the boundaries were so long.. The Dutch clearly showed that was not the case.

  8. Saskia said...

    Being a Dutch Australia supporter yesterday was a lot more fun than today! Well done Dutchies, can't wait for England-Pakistan tomorrow.

  9. Q said...


    Welcome to Well Pitched.

    Dutch Australia supporter? So i take it ur enjoying watching Nannes play for the Dutch :-)

    Can't wait for Eng v Pak either - I'm a Pak Pak supporter!

  10. Som said...

    Looking forward to more such Dutch treats: )

  11. Q said...

    I'm not Som.. another dutch treat would mean a loss for Pakistan! How could you? :-)

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