Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pakistan get the First Step Correct

At least they have walked into the match with the right team.

Fawad Alam and Sohail Tanvir are in, while Ahmed Shehzad and Yasir Arafat are out.

This is what we wanted.

Actually not really. We wanted Fawad to replace Salman, but as long as he's in.

Akmal will open, Fawad will come into the middle order, and Tanvir will probably take the new ball.

Sound familiar?

I said it here in a 9-point strategic plan.

I wasn't the only one; many others wanted the same team and finally the team management has thunk like us.

Hope its not too late for them!

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  1. raj said...

    Hope it is not - I hope they can sneak in, then kick the ass of NZ and SL, then get in to a repeat finals..with a final twist in the tale this time. Destiny owes them one after they shitted against, of all people, Joginder Sharma. That doesnt sound right to me. Joginder Sharma, World Cup Winner - in every sense, he won the cup for India, and that's just not right. He is a no-talent guy like me(at my chosen profession). We are born to slog like dogs, not win World Cups(or the equivalent) for our team(organisation)

    There must be something done to remedy that this time

  2. Q said...


    I will surely take that.

    I like what u say abt Jogi Sharma.. could not believe he did what the other Sharma could not decades ago..

    The way we've played I don't know if we deserve it, but I'll take what ur saying. We do need it!

  3. Anonymous said...

    Pak looks good to go to Super Eights.

    BTW Raj, didnt you pitch against Jogi in IPL when MS stuck to him on expense of...........

  4. raj said...

    Sam, yes I did. So? I am not saying he is great, here, am I?

  5. Q said...

    Sam, Raj is pitching against him here too..

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