Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome to the NEW Well Pitched

We're the same but we've made some changes. Not too many, but some changes none the less.

Welcome to the NEW Well Pitched everyone.

The major change is the addition of the "recent comments" and the "LBW" in the right-side bar, which we thought would be very useful.

Thank you Sledgehammer and Obaid for wasting those precious hours at work working on the new layout and format for Well Pitched.

It was all their doing people, I hardly have any technical know-how.

There are a few minor tweaks that Sledge and Obaid are working on and will continue to do so, but that won't hamper our daily updates.

For the rest of you, thank you for visiting, reading, commenting, arguing, discussing, recommending, analyzing, complimenting, and criticizing - it keeps us going.

Hope you all continue to do the same.

With this I leave you with a fact of the day:

"The last time Australia got knocked out of a world cup in the group stages, Pakistan won the world cup".

True story ladies and gents.

I'm not being optimistic, just stating a fact.

Thinking of that, I'm going to start a new daily feature on Well Pitched.

Taking the Q from Jrod's Ashes Facts, I will feed you all with "Pakistan Cricket Facts" on a daily basis.

Since I don't have an imagination like Jrod, these will actually be facts.

Take the above world cup one as Fact #Zero.

Let the past be the past, enjoy the new Well Pitched, forget how Pakistan messed up in the last few matches, forget what Younis Khan said, forget how pathetic Pakistan have looked on the field, and lets just support them and hope that we get through to the Super 8s tonight!

Make your pitch on this post...

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30 Pitched:

  1. Leg Break said...

    Nice Q.

    Trying to imitate cricinfo in the makeover department?

    BTW, today's events have you looking OK in the tipping comp.

    Apart from the Mitchell Johnson pick that is.

  2. 12th Man said...

    The font size is a slightly large and that makes it easy reading when compared to the previous version Q.

    However, the images at the top of the page are not visible. Maybe it is my workplace firewall that is blocking it.

  3. Q said...

    Thanx LB!

    Cricinfo? They didn't even come to mind ;-)

    Really? I thought I was doing really bad.. must be getting all wrong..

  4. Q said...

    12th Man,

    There was a slight issue in migrating the pictures.. its being worked on.. hopefully they'll all be up soon.

  5. straight point said...

    cool Q!! :)

    however i too am not able to see mast-head...? :(

  6. SledgeHammer said...

    @Q - thanks for the comments. Appreciate it. I enjoyed being involved in the upgrade.

    @12th Man, @SP: Thanks for the comments, and for bringing the issues to our attention/

    Not sure why the banner keeps disappearing and reappearing (at least that happens on mine). Might just resolve itself in time. Let's see!

  7. RGB said...

    Good to see the new features.

    "The last time Australia got knocked out of a world cup in the group stages, Pakistan won the world cup".

    Another fact- The last time Ireland progressed to the Super Eights in a World Cup , Pakistan were knocked out in the first round. :-)

  8. adverbin said...

    What's with all these spate of makeovers?
    The new Well Pitched is cetainly more readable though (and I am not refereing to the content).

  9. karachikhatmal said...

    the website looks a lot more refreshing, as does your unbridled hope. unfortunately, i believe that unless all 160 million of us believe paksitan is going to get dumped out, it will happen. for some reason our infuriating team thrives on doing exactly what we don't expect them to, so let's start expecting a crushing loss to holland...

  10. Fark said...

    Good work Q and the gang!

    As for the Pak team, keep the faith guys, they still have 1 game left to get into the next round.

    If they are successful and perform well in the next round , everyone will quickly forget the warm-up games and the one against England!

    Blogrolling you guys!


  11. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Like the grass

  12. Q said...

    Thanks SP.

    The images are back for me now..

    Can u tell me if u can see it now?

  13. Q said...



    And thats an interesting fact.. somehow I missed that one ;-)

  14. Q said...


    Besides Cricinfo who else went through a makeover? :-)

    I guess the bigger font is helpful..

  15. Q said...


    Thanks man. Yes we are hoping and getting behind them, for that is all we can do.

    Lets not expect, but lets support.. thats my call!

  16. Q said...



    Well, 1 game left and its do or die.

    Hopefully we do.

    Will blogroll u if ur not there already.

  17. Q said...


    I generally like grass.

  18. PSK said...

    Is it just me or the settings on my laptop ....

    I am not able to read any of the posts against the grass background.

    Am having to "select" the text to obtain contrast for reading

  19. Q said...


    The green grass should load and go into the right side column with a white background over the text.. may take some time to load first time, but after that it should be fine.

    Anyone else facing the same problem?

  20. straight point said...

    i can see it now Q...don't worry... :)

  21. Q said...

    Great SP! :-)

  22. Rayden said...

    Like the new look Q - Well done guys. Also like the kinda new look Pak team which has been announced right now - Fawad Alam etc.....

  23. Q said...

    Thanks Rayden..and yes they FINALLY got the team right after 3 matches..

  24. Krish said...

    Congratulations, Q. Good design.

    I tested it on various browsers. On IE 8, the background doesn't appear. On Chrome, the background leaks through the text.

  25. Anonymous said...

    congrats Q and team for new look :).

    I need to ask you something offline on blog hosting. can i ?

  26. SledgeHammer said...

    @krish and everyone else: Thanks for the comments, and thanks for testing it out. We've removed the grass background temporarily because each browser interprets it differently.

    Please let us know if you see any further problems.

    Hope you are enjoying the new site.


  27. Q said...

    Krish, thanks man.

    The background is giving some trouble.. we're working on it.

  28. Q said...

    Thanks Sam..

    Sure u can ask whatever u want.. email me - the address is on my profile :-)

  29. LiB said...

    Good job guys, i like the font and size and also gives a very clean look to the blog!

    Q the page is loading fine now, the grass on the pitch has been shaved off..better this way! ;)

  30. Q said...


    The grass on the pitch has been smoked ;-)

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