Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quite an Action Packed Day!

Bangladesh did not manage to repeat a Dutch today, while Scotland almost did. In between, the West Indies completely annihilated the Australians.

My 2-bit take aways from Day 2 of the ICC World Twenty20:
  1. The boundaries are not THAT long. Its only Luke Wright's bat that can't clear them.

  2. A 7 over game can be very exciting, especially if a minnow is favorites to win it at the half way stage.

  3. I love the name 'Navdeep Singh Poonia'! I would like to hear Navjot Sidhu say that.

  4. Had the Kiwis lost, it would have just been McCullum's IPL nightmares continued. Maybe New Zealand should name someone else vice captain.

  5. Michael Clarke cannot play T20 cricket.

  6. Watson & Ponting in the 1st over sealed the game for the Windies - Gayle nailed it!

  7. It was Andre Fletcher's third T20 international innings and his first 50 at the level - what a match to bring it up in.

    He matched Gayle stroke for stroke.

  8. Gayle's 88 was the 3rd highest score by a captain in T20 internationals. I reckon he's the best bat in the T20 business today.

  9. Brett Lee's 56 runs in 4 overs were the most an Australia bowler has conceded in a 4-over spell in T20 internationals.

    Fortunately for him, they don't top the worst figures list.

  10. Dhoni continues to bemuse by walking out at number 3 - did the warm ups not make him understand anything?

  11. Had Yuvi not fired, India would have lost. Dhoni must be thanking him in every possible way you can think of right now.

  12. Raina is such a waste at 5.

  13. Shakib continues to impress. He had Rohit twice in two deliveries, but for the damn Deshi keeper.

  14. Pragyan Ojha picked up a wicket with his very first delivery in T20 internationals. I'm not sure if thats a first but the commentators for some reason missed the feat.

    His 4-21 was also the 4th best effort by a bowler on debut in T20Is.

    Any doubts then who the best spinner in India is?

It was quite an exciting day today for cricket fans - not one boring moment since the rains went away.

From the moment Ryan Watson smashed O'brien for a boundary, till the very end when Naeem Islam smashed Ishant for 2 sixes before Yuvraj took an awesome catch, his second of the day, I was hooked to the action.

Who said the ICC World Twenty20 would not be exciting? Take that Amrit Mathur!

Tomorrow's a day when the hosts could be kicked out of the competition. Or they could get one of Pakistan's legs in a plane back home.

I can't wait.

And why are the Scottish playing 2 games in 2 days? Were they in England only for the Weekend? Back to work on Monday?

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4 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    n after all that...Zaheer Khan turned up!!

  2. Q said...

    Haha.. true that Anonymous.. wonder wat all the fuss was abt?

  3. Late Inswing said...

    Fletcher impressed indeed. To stand apart from Gayle itself is some doing.

    Shakib is a gem. The fat cats at IPL would be ruing their loss.

    Chris Gayle rocks - 2nd murderous innings in 3 outings. He's done one better than we thought :) Wound the clock back to Viv/Greenidge days.

    Brett Lee walked with his tail between his legs. Some sight this.

    Dhoni at 3 -beats me too Q, and Harsha Bhogle. I hope we have seen the end of this.

    Trust the commentators to miss such bowling feats as Ojha's.

  4. Q said...

    Late Inswing,

    Been following Shakib since his early days.. he never fails to impress.. great cricketer!

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