Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Pakistan Cricket Fact #3

Pakistan has never lost to Sri Lanka in a World Cup game.

Not so random, but then I thought this fact was apt for today.

Its true people; ODI World Cup, Champions Trophy, World T20, Pakistan has always had the better of Sri Lanka.

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6 Pitched:

  1. farooq syed said...

    i have a dirty feeling this is about to change today, but i hope not

  2. Stani Army said...

    Farooq, I was about to say I share your dirty feeling but then I thought it wouldn't sound right!

    Q! You know what you've gone and done now don't you!

  3. Q said...

    Farooq, Stani,

    Lets rid these dirty feelings today ;-)

  4. LiB said...

    the random fact is no longer a fact..

    as far as the performance is concerned..i dont see Pakistan qualifying for the SF's.. not with Butt opening...he needs to go and go NOW!! Misbah too needs to pull up his socks, he to me is very overhyped, not once not twice but atleast on three occasions Younas would nicely setup an over and Misbah by jumping around the crease would waste couple of deliveries..

    and i dont really understand this hopping around in the crease when all you do after that is take a single if ure lucky!

    Q, i know ure a fan of Afridi and so am i, but this is simply unacceptable that you start taking your position as a batsman (even if ure not one) non-seriously, exactly what Afridi is doing now!

    i am royally pissed at the moment and i only have myself to blame for actually believing 151 would be a walk in the park!

  5. SledgeHammer said...

    @Lib: I gave up on Afridi as a batsman quite a while back. He's a full-time bowler who can hit a few lusty blows from time to time.

    All Pak fans needs to accept that asap. But Afridi definitely deserves his place in the team as a bowler.

  6. Q said...

    Yep, the fact doesn't stand anymore. Sadness.

    @LIB: Younis has played a lone hand in all games. I feel for him.

    Misbah just didn't have it in him today.

    Afridi is a bowler and needs to be considered as one. He always has been.

    @Sledge: u do know that Afridi came into the team as a bowler back in 1996? As a replacement for Mushy. That 100 changed his life and Pakistan tried to turn him into a batsmen.

    Big mistake. Should have always stuck to him as a bowler.

    Butt needs to go ASAP!

    Bring in Shehzad or Shahzaib. Razzaq comes in for Tanvir and we should be good.

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