Friday, June 12, 2009

Younis Khan is a Simple Guy

"I am a simple guy. Sometimes people think I am wrong because when we lose I am still laughing. You must look forward, if you lose or win. This is life. Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days"

Younis Khan clarifying his previous statements regarding comparing T20 cricket to WWF and calling it non-serious and for fun.

I never thought you were wrong Younis. Promise. I never laughed at you either. I laughed with you!

But we would like it if you won more often and then smiled.

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  1. Rayden said...

    lol, Younis Khan seems to be getting funnier day by day. I really wonder what his other team mates think of his "smiley" nature.

  2. Abdullah said...

    Pressure situation for Pakistan : 36/3 after 6 over chasing 151 !
    2 wickets in 1 over from Malinga.
    A steady capatins innings is required from Younis Khan here.

  3. Abdullah said...

    LOL at Tanvir's first spell. 2 overs 0-29.

    After this Ind vs WI is a crucial encounter as Murali is brought on at Lords.

  4. Chullanz said...

    is that going to change now?afridi is out just now.will murali wreck pak boat?

  5. Q said...


    I wonder too. With him playing a lone hand in all games with no support shows that the team doesn't really like it that much.

  6. Q said...


    Younis did play a captain's knock, but had no support.

  7. Q said...


    Is what going to change now?

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