Monday, June 8, 2009

Younis Khan Preparing Pakistan for an Exit

"It won't be a disaster even if we exit before the Super Eights," said Younis. "It would be sad if we don't make it, but I have never attached too much importance to Twenty20 cricket, as it is fun cricket. I mean it is more for entertainment, even if it is international cricket. It is all for the crowd. Twenty20 is all about fun. Everybody expects players to come out and entertain."

Well if that is the attitude our captain has after the embarassing defeat to England, then they might as well not turn up to play against the Dutch!

And this so different from the tune he was singing a few days back.

25 runs, 3 overs to spare, net run rate calculations, all are meaningless if the Pakistan captain doesn't even care about qualifying for the Super 8s.

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  1. achettup said...

    That is a disgraceful statement Q and reeks of sour grapes. The minute I saw that I wondered why the PCB always tries so hard to convince him to take over the captaincy.

  2. Q said...

    I couldn't believe it when I read that Ach!

    He always seems like the best option to captain, but his stint has hardly shown that.

    He's never been a full time captain before, which is probably why everyone wanted him to lead cos Malik seemed so weak.. Younis looks a lot more weaker.

  3. raj said...

    Q, what's happening to Pakistan? They are beginnign to resemble the old blighty every passing day - and I'm not talking about Shoaib Akthar's fake accent!

  4. Q said...

    Beats me Raj..

    Younis has always been a confident man and has always talked like one too. But since becoming captain he's given the most absurd statements I've ever heard!

    No wonder he always used to deny the captaincy.

    I really don't think he can handle it.

  5. farooq syed said...

    this captain disgusts me now, he smiles at feilders who drop catches and misfeild, he is always cocky during interviews, in the series against australia in the uae he seemed to be so impressed by the australian team that he said we are just here to learn.. pathetic attitude from a man who has the same position as ppl like imran khan and wasim akram once had.. what a difference.. what a shame

  6. Q said...


    Is is a shame.

    He is a straight forward man, but i can't believe that this is his attitude. If he isn't taking it seriously, why will the team?

    He said he wanted to be an Imran Khan like captain and lead from the front.. making statements like these, is anything but leading from the front.

  7. Megha said...

    Big surprise really that YK should say that...considering how much a tournament win or a good show at least would mean for Pakistani cricket..

    If that was supposed to be motivational talk, then YK needs to attend some management courses!

  8. 12th Man said...

    I think that quote is a disclaimer that asks Pakistani fans to prepare for any eventuality against the Dutch.

    I remember what Indian captains before Dhoni would say at the toss when playing Bangladesh or Kenya: "They are a good side, we cannot take them lightly".

    Its a hedge.

  9. khansahab said...

    What the Pakistani player intros should say…..

    “Hi I am Salman Butt, Left Handed Batsman. I dont know why I am playing T20″

    “Hi I am Ahmed Shahzad, RHB. My favourite shot is anywhere up in the sky and then into the hands of the fielder”

    “Hi I am Younis Khan, RHB. My fav shot is reverse sweep although it usually gives my wicket away, but I am happy”

    “Hi I am Shoaib Malik, RHB. I dont know why I was made a Test player and I specialise in bits and pieces cricket”

    “Hi I am Shahid Afridi, RHB. My favourite shot? Any shot that will get me out asap”

    “Hi I am Kamran Akmal, RHB. My favourite hobby is dropping catches and chirping like an idiot”

    “Hi I am Shahzaib Hassan, RHB. My favourite shot is not playing any shot”.

    “Hi i am Misbah, RHB. My favourite shot is any useless innovative shot that makes me look stupid”.

  10. Q said...


    More than motivational talk this was preparing the world for Pakistan's exit.

  11. Q said...

    12th Man,

    Absolutely, hence the title of my post :-)

  12. Q said...


    Hahahah!! that is amazing.. I'm still laughing.. LOL!

  13. Rayden said...

    Hey Q - although the comments are shocking, I think he is just trying to prepare Pakistani fans just in case Pak goes out of the tournament. Ideally he should have said Pak can come back from any situation and whether they win or lose, they will go down fighting. I think it would have given more confidence to his own team and also made the fans respect him more.

  14. Rayden said...

    Khansahab - I think that is one of the funniest post I have read in a long time. Thanks for the laugh. Still laughing in fact.

  15. Q said...

    Exactly Rayden.. that was the type of comment he should have made instead of berating 20-20 cricket and saying its not a big deal if Pak get kicked out.

    He's the same guy who till some days back was saying that winning the title will being cheer to country suffering from problems and lack of cricket.

    To turn it around this way is just senseless.

  16. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Q, give him a break, he's dng an interview after a long time. Long as the smile is intact.

    Spot on Khansahab!

  17. Q said...

    Long time? what u talking abt NC? He has been giving interviews since he became captain...

    He talked abt how Pak want to win the title.

    He talked abt how it would bring cheer to a troubled country.

    He talked abt how Pak was prepared.

    Never did he say he didnt take 20-20 seriously.

    The loss and he comes out with this rubbish.. not on.

  18. Anonymous said...

    Ridiculous. All i would say he is a misfit for being captain. When captain is havin such a attitude, well the team is bound to get demotivated.

    i still feel somebody except him, Afridi, the mindless Pathan will need to come up with a super innings. and i wud tip Butt (Salman) and Akamal to do it to teach YK a harsh lesson...He was so cheap when he publicly lamented this 2 guys.

    did this guy set any example ? did he make runs? did he field well to publicly lament Akamal and Butt ?

  19. Stani Army said...

    That was disgusting.

    How are the players meant to be fired up listening to that rubbish. No cricket for some time now, we should be taking everything seriously.

  20. Wasim said...

    I have always said that making Younis Khan captain was a mistake, Malik was doing a fine Job but we expected him to win 100% matches,
    Younis Khan's statement reflect that he lacks confidence and before every match he trys to prepare the fans for a defeat through his statements.

    But having said that I think the whole team should share the responsibility for performing poorly, Afridi, Gul, Malik, Salman Butt,Misbah,and Kamran Akmal none of these players have performed well so far.

  21. Q said...


    I agree. Ridiculous!

  22. Q said...


    Exactly man.. and to think that before this he was talking abt being pumped up for the cup and wanting to win it for the nation.

  23. Q said...


    Gul was ok.. and Misbah can't do much batting at 7. Also Younis batted alright.. no one else did anything for support.. I'm not talking of Younis' captaincy, that was shit starting from the selection.. but he played a good enough innings without any support.

  24. SledgeHammer said...

    Go Netherlands!!!!!

  25. Wasim said...


    I am also taking into account the practice matches.

  26. Q said...


    Misbah did well against India.. again he was sent at number 7.. I don't think he can be blamed much.

    Younis yes.. last night was the only good T20 innings ive seen him play, but then again he failed to capitalize at the end and let Gul play the last 2 overs...

  27. Wasim said...

    I have been saying it from the beginning, Malik and Kamran Akmal should open, Misbah should come at #3 then Younis, Fawad, Shehzad, Afridi, Gul, Rao/Arafat, Aamer and Ajmal.

  28. Wasim said...

    I was supporting Bangladesh, too bad they are out.

    Now probably the SriLankan my next favorite they will also be knocked out. Which means I should stop picking favorites.

  29. Vedder said...

    It is all Younis Khan's grand plan to lull the scary Dutch into a false sense of security.

    I predict a Pakistan performance tomorrow the likes of which we have never seen even from the truly great sides like Ireland....

  30. Q said...


    Maybe stick with the Dutch or Irish?

    But it looks like Lanka is going through..

  31. Q said...



    Pak need to take a leaf out of Netherland's and Ireland's books.

    Welcome to Well Pitched.

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