Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ashes Day 10: How is it Going to Pan Out?

Remember this?

Pakistan ended day 4 with only 53 runs ahead and only 4 wickets in hand.

On day 5, they not only added another 240 runs, they also declared their innings to have a crack at India for 20 overs.

Remember this?

South Africa ended day 4 with another 187 runs to get with 7 wickets in hand.

On day 5, they lost only 1 wicket and got to the target.

So then.

Do you see any reason why Australia can't get another 209 runs tomorrow?

Do you see any reason why Michael Clarke and Brad Haddin can't continue in the same vein?

Do you see any reason why Mitchell Johnson can't join them to see Australia to the target?

Unless you are an optimistic Australian or a pessismistic English person, your answer should be yes.

I am neither, yet my answer is not that.

75 years of misery is way too long a time to wipe out in a matter of 5 days.

Every English fan will be thinking that; every England cricketer will be thinking that.

Boy aren't we lucky we are not in their shoes.

Can you even begin to imagine what they will go through if Australia manage to chase 522?

I can't. I don't want to.

The two largest chases in test cricket have come against Australia; maybe it is time Australia sets that record straight!

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17 Pitched:

  1. Tifosi Guy said...


    Much as I would love Aus to get the remaining 209 runs, something deep down tells me a collapse will happen tomorrow morn, and Eng will win comfortably !

    I would dearly love to be proved wrong, but it's one bridge too far for even Aus to cross.

    All it needs for is a wicket within the first 10 overs tomorrow, and the rest of the batsmen would fall cheap. Not expecting anything from Johnson or the rest :-)

  2. LiB said...

    as Tifosy Guy said the first hour is important, if Australia survive it without losing a wicket, the game is Australia's! and my gut feeling tells me Australia will manage it.. and for some very odd reason im rooting for them..

    and also England will only become more desperate if they go wicketless in the first hour, so you mite see the England of the T20 worldcup game against the Netherlands!

  3. Golandaaz said...

    I think its the case of too little too late for Australia. All 400+ chases in Test Cricket have been architect-ed by the top order. The only 350+ chase I remember, not starred by the top order, was against Pakistan by Gilchrist and Langer I think.

    Australia winning is highly unlikely.

  4. Stani Army said...

    The tough b******s are gonna do it!

  5. Q said...


    The gut does go with England, but imagine the aftermath if Australia do it.. just thinking abt it gives me the chills..

  6. Q said...


    My gut feels differently.. but ur right for some strange reason I want Australia to do it..

  7. Q said...


    You are right abt the Langer / Gilchrist chase orchestrated by the lower order.. however had the umpire given Langer out, as he was edging Wasim Akram behind the stumps, it would have never happened.

    How that loss still hurts.

    Coming back, so yeah the big chases have been due to the top order.. but if a fresh Clarke and Haddin can come firing in the morning, who knows what can happen..

  8. Q said...


    Lets c man..

  9. raj said...

    No doubt Aussies are going to ace this one. 4-0 for Oz then, as the pigeon predicted after the first test. Time for me to go into the hiding and not show up on Aussie blogs :-)

  10. Rayden said...

    England win !!! Ricky loses, yaaay.

    Also another prediction of mine comes true, I should start buying stocks :-)

  11. Q said...


    Oh well.. it wasn't to be.. ended too soon.

  12. Q said...


    I could not believe it.. although it looked possible yesterday but Eng 1-0 up.. can't believe that scoreline.

  13. raj said...

    Q, you sure know my strategy, dont you? ;-)

  14. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Q, Golandaaz, that Langer test of your's - Parker and Wiley umpired.

    It was Parker who didn't give Langer's edge, right?

    The edge was thick, and so was Parker.

    Btw not that we care, but Parker turned 50 y'day. The Langers were over.

  15. Q said...


    I do man.. ! Well done ;-)

  16. Q said...


    Parker? I don't remember.. whoever it was, was blind!

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