Monday, July 20, 2009

Will Pakistan's Drought End?

10 Tests, 30 months.

That is how long it has been since Pakistan has won a test match.

I don't think that I have ever waited longer than this in my lifetime for Pakistan to win a test match.

I'm not sure but maybe this is also the longest drought in Pakistan's test cricket history.

And I believe its about time Pakistan bloody well ends it!

Out of the 7 days of cricket played during this test series against Sri Lanka, Pakistan have had the upper hand on 4.

In a few hours, if they can do that continiously for a few days, they will manage to close and end this prolonged period of no test wins.

Sri Lanka will not be easy though.

Their batsmen will be looking to put in better performances; Chaminda Vaas, in his last test, will want to go out on a high; and the entire team would want to give a fitting farewell to Vaas.

The Lankans are not going to be complacent. They want a sweep.

Pakistan, on the other hand, will have to rise to the occasion.

Can they do it or will we witness yet another collapse?

If you take a look at their last 3 innings they have managed 8-46, 10-90, and 9-35.

They surely can't do worse than this!

If they do then Pakistan will experience their first ever clean sweep at the hands of any team that is not Australia or South Africa.

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  1. Wasim said...

    When they will stop throwing away matches the drought will certainly end.

  2. Som said...

    Q, the board reads 36 for 2 inside 12 overs. Just day 1 but still it's difficult to be optimistic.

  3. khansahab said...

    The only way Pakistan's Test drought will end is by selecting players who show some fighting ability at domestic level. That is something they can do in the short term, without making seaming tracks, without overhauling the coaching facilities and domestic structure, without appointing foreign experts who will rip the PCB off etc.

    Until you have this system where poor performance is excused because of dressing room politics, Pakistan will not become a top 3 team.

    Everything is inconsistent about this team except that whenever players suffer disproportionate media condemnation and whenever batsmen's future selection is on the line, they suddenly start performing. If you want to get rid of this consistency, you need to adopt a zero tolerance policy. Three strikes and you're out.

  4. Unknown said...

    Actually, they're doing pretty well right now, and Manzoor's been playing some good drives. Let's hope they don't jinx it by getting complacent. Abdul Razzaq looks extremely tense from the stands, poor guy.

  5. khansahab said...

    What Ramiz Raja said about Malik,

    "Malik's reputation has been challenged in this series.........he has not played the seaming ball convincingly..........he is out of form".

    Malik has now been dropped on 21 by Dilshan. So he gets 1 lifeline.

  6. khansahab said...

    Malik got a lifeline on 21, it was an easy catch for the keeper who dropped it. Then the new ball was taken. As I anticipated, he did not ask long and only made 11 runs after the new ball was taken before he fell plumb.

    Meanwhile, Misbah also proved his worth against the new ball as he only made 7 runs after the new ball was changed.

    So either these players are deliberately throwing their wickets away or they are totally crap. I have been saying they are crap.

    Good innings from Manzoor and a typical class innings by Yousuf who is from Lahore and 100% pure Punjabi.

  7. Wasim said...

    Malik scored 45 and Younis Khan just 2 but still you are crying about Malik.

    Yousaf a 100% Punjabi what does that mean? Is it relevant here, why in every comment of yours race creeps in.Oh you are trying to tell us that you can appreciate a Punjabi, so generous of you, "kitna dil per pathar rekhna perta ho ga",.But you know what even this statement of yours reflect how racist you are.

  8. Stani Army said...

    What's all is talk of Punjabi or non-Punjabi? This is what really miffs me. Why cause divisions? Pakistani is Pakistani.

    Why bring anything like regionalism, sectarianism or cast systems into it? This is the problem with our people. So backward. The people that favour certain players in our team because of where they come from rather than their performances, are not Pakistan supporters.

  9. khansahab said...

    Wasim jal gaya

    The comment was for you, because you don't get it that I don't have a problem with Punjabis.

    Yousuf is a typical Punjabi but he is an excellent, legendary cricketer. This proves that I am NOT racist, but you are because you have problems with Karachi and Pushtoon players.

    Younis has also scored 313 and 267 and many big centuries, which Malik can never do because at some point making big centuries means playing the new ball, which Malik can't unfortunately. If Malik was from Azad Kashmir, Hazara, Gwadar or Karachi he would not be a Test player. You don't realise he is a pathetic new ball player who shouldn't play Test cricket.


    Thanks for agreeing with me that Wasim Jal Gaya is a racist. I know you totally support me over the issue. Giyareenbandi paindabad!

  10. khansahab said...


    I don't know if you will allow me posting Pakpassion links here, but if you go on that site which has 14,000+ members all around the world, you will see how many threads they have which demand Malik and Misbah to be removed from the Test team.

    About 80% of its members want Malik and Misbah to be sacked from the team. Only about 20% are like Wasim Larakhoo and Stani who don't like Fawad Alam and other Karachi/Pathan players.

  11. Wasim said...

    Younis Khan is averaging only 22 in the series so far has scored 122 runs in five innings, Khurram manzoor scored 151 runs in five innings @ 30, Malik has scored 128 batting at #6 @ average of 32.5 but yet all the criticism is hurled toward him not a word about YK and not a word about Khurram's earlier failures.

    I am pointing out at this jingoistic criticism because of the double standards used here.

    I am not satisfied with Malik's performance or Misbah's but there are other players who are not performing even worse why are we only blaming these players for the losses.

    As Q said it was a collective team effort.
    But the jingos don't want to accept that.

  12. Wasim said...

    I am a racist? lol
    Kabhi Aina bhi dekh liya ki jiye.

    I have been supporting Fawad as much as you have done because he deserved it, I don't think Faisal is better than Misbah or Malik we have seen that many times I don't want change just for the sake of it.

    I only care for Pakistan team as a whole it doesn't matter to me who makes in the team and who doesn't as long as it is done in a fair manner and no double standards are used.

    If anybody wants to know why I called this guy a racist they should read what he writes on his blog and what he has been writing on this blog. The language he uses to describe Punjabis is shameful and his criticism is full of hatred and bias.
    I am only calling a spade a spade. Although he lives in a modern western society and is being educated over their but it seems all that exposure to modernism could not cure his narrow mindedness, He remained a Jahil.

  13. khansahab said...

    Wasim Pehelwaan

    I was partly educated in Karachi and I have grown up with Punjabis and Memons who lived in Defence and Clifton. It might be difficult for you to believe, but you can still be well educated in Pakistan. In fact I would not have been admitted to a school in the UK had my primary and secondary education not been of a commendable standard. Most of my friends are Punjabi, and most of our family friends are Punjabi. I know Punjabis more than you do. In fact you should ask yourself how many Karachiites you know. I have practically grown amongst Punjabis in Karachi and on my street here in Manchester, there are about 15 Asian families and all of them are Punjabi. In my university apart from white friends I had only Punjabi friends. In my college my only friends were Punjabis. You have just lived in Punjab and now you live in USA. You might know a handful of Karachiites, but as I said I have grown up with Punjabis and even now I see them, speak to them everyday.

    Being modern is a state of mind, it is not about where you live, what you wear etc. The people of Karachi are more modern and broad minded than the Pakistani people in UK. Now you can call me a racist but it's a fact.

    What indicates Jahalat is things like what kind of language one uses. Whoever is from a noble and educated family will understand what I am saying. You tend to use abusive language and sexual references very easily when you analyse cricket or speak to others. That shows jahalat of a person.

    And you are incapable of understanding half of what I say or think. You don't even know what calibre is required to play Test cricket. And you still haven't proven you can count, because you still don't see a difference between an average of 35 and an average of 50.

    I honestly don't feel nice saying these things unlike you who thinks it is heroic to get low and dirty. But you ask for it because you are clearly very ignorant and racist.

  14. LiB said...


    its funny how people are using your blog to settle there own scores and freely labelling eachother.. man you have patience to tolerate all this.. time to moderate comments i'd say! :)

    to the people who have gone far far away from the issue at hand, please show some maturity and for a moment just think of what exactly you guys as PAKISTANIS are portraying to the people of various nationalities and race who visit this blog! trust me its a very ugly picture that you are painting of us Pakistanis.

    Most of us think FOR and AS Pakistani's and not on the lines of Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun, Baloch and it is very unfair and unfortunate that because of few people we all should be labelled and laughed at..

    Pakistan first...

  15. khansahab said...


    When most Punjabi people don't want Malik to be in the Test team, why does Wasim have a problem if I don't also want Malik to be in the Test team?

    Q also doesn't want Malik to be in the Test team.

    I know you, Q, Stani and Wasim Larh Kar Thak Gaya are all Punjabis. Instead of criticsing me, you should be criticising Wasim Bharak Gaya. You guys should look at yourselves too. If you all were fair and unbiased, you would support me over the Malik issue. If you look at Legslip you will see people speak differently about Malik.

    So you should ask yourselves- aren't you guys potentially biased too? Because your opinion is different to the opinions of non-Punjabis.

  16. Wasim said...

    So you lived with some Punjabis that gives you the right to all the BS and the the racist propaganda you write against them on different blogs I don't think so.

    Modernism is a state of mind , so is jingoism and Jahalat unforunately you preferred the last two.

    I think you need to learn counting as you don't know that Younis is averaging 22 in this series and Malik 32. So think before you criticize and use all those racist remarks like girayeenism, etc in your comments as you are the only one who is suffereing from them.

    Both me and Q agreed that it was a total team failure, you cannot pin point one or two individuals as everybody failed in three or four innings.

    If you stop using those racist and often abusive remarks in your comments for certain players and stop using double standards then may be we might agree on a few things.

  17. khansahab said...

    Wasim Pisal Gaya

    The first time I came on this blog was to pull your leg. I accept it. That is because I thought and still think you are a racist.

    But then I left because I did not want our arguments to appear unpleasant to the readers.

    I was then invited by Q via e-mail. That is the reason why I came the 2nd time. My opinion of Malik has changed since 2006 when he was my favourite player. And when I criticsed Malik here, you started attacking me. If you go in the archives you will see that you started all this. I did not attack Malik because of any animosity towards you, or towards Punjabis, or anything. Just my honest opinion.

    I have the highest regard for Mohammad Yousuf who is a Punjabi. I don't understand how else I can explain myself.

    This time round I will go if the blog owner wants me to. However I will not go myself because this time my intentions were honest and I only came to express my well informed and unbiased view.

    "Giyareenbandi" is used because Jang reported Malik only wanted players from Punjab. I pasted that article on Legslip when it came out. There were many articles that said he specifically did not want Fawad Alam, Afridi, Sohail Khan and Sarfraz Ahmed. Now what is common amongst those players? Giyareenbandi is also used to because you use that to promote Malik whereas with his first class average of 29.54, he would never have played international Test cricket if he was in another country, or a developed and fair country.

    It's an endless debate but giyareenbandi is used when you look at why a crook, murderer and immoral person like Nawaz Sharif who is the 4th richest person in Pakistan, is the most popular politician in Pakistan. It is also used because an unconstitutionally approved Chief Justice, Choudhary, was branded as the constitutional, legitimate and de juris Chief Justice of Pakistan, in a movement that was started with racist aspirations by the Lahore Bar Association.

    Awas and Javed A Khan both agree to these points. One is a Punjabi and the other is a Pushtoon. They are extremely educated and fair people which is why they see things this way. This isn't about who is Punjabi or Urdu Speaking. It is about who is educated, unbiased and fair.

  18. karachikhatmal said...


    i think the answer to your search lies in the comments. when people from the same country can get so vicious with one another, how can our team get its act together?

    as MYK said, our team is only a refleciton of our country.

  19. Stani Army said...

    First of all, if you ave something to say, have the decency to say it in English. Secondly, don't falsely accuse me without knowing the position I take on a particular subject. Don't confuse me with someone else. You even called me a Punjabi without even knowing if this is a fact or not? Is this not ignorance? Well?

    "Stani who don't like Fawad Alam and other Karachi/Pathan players"

    ??? Hahahaa! Can you show me where I said this? Is this not ignorance too? You like putting words in people's mouths don't you khansahab? Maybe if you actually visited my site and read what I have to say about these players, you might stop talking rubbish. But that would mean you couldn't disagree with me then wouldn't it? Couldn't start a fight? and everyone knows that khansahab needs a fight to feel important.

    "without appointing foreign experts who will rip the PCB off etc."

    Delusional! No one has ripped the PCB off more than these ex-cricketers and yes men our corrupt governments employ. It is the same in the government itself. Wake up! It is why our country has never stood on its feet even through billions of dollars of loans and it's why our board will never be taken seriously because they employ blood sucking leeches.

    You clearly have something against Malik with your constant, obsessive attacks on him. I have never done this to any player. If he has played bad I say it; if has played good I say it. I call them how I see them - simple. I like every player in Pakistan cricket, but if they play bad, I will say it. If the next day they play good, I will say this too and not hold grudges and make personal attacks like you do.

    I have no idea about where the Pakistan players come from in Pakistan so this sends all your criticism of me down the pan. I just haven't been raised in such a way, sorry. I cannot support a Punjabi cricketer over a non-Punjabi cricketer because I don't know, or have a need to know, where they are from.

    If anyone wants evidence of who the trouble maker is here, then all they have to do is scroll up to see how many times you felt you needed to say something.

    And I'm not a Punjabi, I am a Londoner whose family comes from Kashmir. As George Galloway says, go put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    I don't expect an apology from you....maybe you'll surprise me though, but I won't hold my breath.

  20. Q said...

    Ok this has completely gotten out of hand...

    I agree with LIB and Karachi Khatmal..

    This discussion is a disgrace to no one but us Pakistanis.. and that this shows that even if we cannot live together and understand each other, how are we going to expect the team to do it?

    This may be a Pakistani blog run by Pakistanis but we have an international audience and is this how we want them to think of us?

    That we argue over stupid things like these?

    I don't think anyone here is a racist, nor do I think that anyone here demands certain players to be dropped because they are from a certain region, then why do we keep bringing regionality into it.

    I don't even know whether I am a Punjabi or a Sindhi or Kashmiri or a Pathan...

    I am a Pakistani and that is what I believe in.

    Who cares where in Pakistan I come from?

    I don't care where in Pakistan any of you come from.. what matters to me is that you all are Pakistan supporters..

    So lets call the team and players on their performances rather than where they are from.

    I don't care what Pak Passion or Leg Slip or any other Pakistani forum say or write about - that is their opinion and their prerogative to share it..

    I here have my opinion and I air it and never have I attacked any player, cricket, or fan based on their regionality..

    I have purely spoken based on performance.

    That is what counts at the end of the day.

    I have also never felt the need to moderate comments, because if I am airing an opinion, I want to hear others as well.

    All I can do right now, is like last time, request you guys not to attack each other or get offended by someone if they are attacking a cricketer.

    Everyone has their views.. lets just listen to them and argue against them.. argue against the views and opinions, not against the person airing them.

    I don't want to hear Punjab, Sindh, Karachi, Lahore or anything here unless we're playing a Pentangular or RBS cup or something..

    When its international cricket, its about Pakistan.

  21. Q said...


    I'm sorry u were directed to such bullshit here... u have every right to be angry...

  22. Q said...


    You know me man.. I'm always optimistic.. even at 289-7!

  23. Q said...


    I think Manzoor played really well.. he didn't look good but he fought hard.. great knock.. unfortunate not to get a 100.

  24. Q said...


    How am I biased in my opinion based on regionality?

    I would really like to know how you can throw a baseless accusation like that towards me?

    When have I ever defended a cricketer with anything but his performance and numbers?

  25. Stani Army said...

    No worries Q. I wouldn't mind debating with khansahab if he actually debated about cricket without insulting anyone.

    I don't like to have every one agree with me, what's the point? Me, you and Wasim have had discussions in the past where we've disagreed but it's made for good debate. That's what it's about, and who knows, someone may make us see something different to what were first seeing it.

    khansahab needs to know that he can disagree without needing to insult or accuse people of saying things they didn't. He also needs to know that others have a right to disagree too.

    Theses kinds of hateful discussions are rife on the pakpassion forums. It's clear where khansahab comes all heated up from.

  26. Wasim said...


    Well said Stani I completely agree with you.

    Before the start of this series I suggested at this blog that Salman should not be played and in his place Fawad should be given a chance Q didn't agreed with me. For the past two years I think I have written the most comments on this blog and have countless debates on different topics with Q and several others but our discussion always remained civil, I also write on many other blogs the discussion always remained civil but I can't accept anyone abusing my people and using racially incenced remarks.

    Like Q said everybody has a right to express their opinion about any player but just based on their performance I don't give a damn if Malik or Misbah are dropped but this propaganda is more racially targeted and always expressed in a racial tone that is not acceptable to me.

    Both I and Q also discussed about Malik, I thought Misbah was out of form and Q thought Malik needs to be dropped, why we didn't exchanged abuses because both of us are educated and decent people and agreed to disagree that is how civilized people behave.

    But Khansahab expresses his opinion always in a racial tone and addresses other people with names and uses derogatory remarks and in return gets insulted.

    I love this blog and I know Q is a true Pakistani cricket fan that is the only reason I come here, I don't come here to pull anybody's leg neither do i have any political agenda.

    Hiding behind a keyboard anybody can write what ever they want,but this blog is not a filthy propaganda platform like Legslip, its purely for cricket enthusiasts.

    So I would suggest Owais to take his filthy propaganda to his own blog and stop acting like a child as you have just embarassed yourself infront of the whole blogging community.

  27. khansahab said...


    You have told me before you are a Punjabi and also that Malik meets you when he comes to Dubai. So please don't say you don't know what you are.

    And Stani, I don't get heated up on Pakpassion because that site represents moderate people with unbiased opinions. I don't get heated up- because people who get heated up are the ones who use filthy, abusive language and sex references (paindoos). I post daily on Pakpassion and I have never been involved in any argument there because people are tolerant there.

    Wasim Saqib is a totally biased person- look how he is saying that Punjabis are "his people". Of course you guys don't see that side of his character? He thinks he represents Punjab, but the only thing he really represents is village mentality. He is a typical paindoo.

    Wasim Saqib, if anyone has insulted himself it is you who talks like a 10 year old despite being 43. Can anyone imagine this guy is a 43 year old? Do 43 year olds act like this? Maybe it is understandable I can act like a kids sometimes because I am half your age, but only a 43 year old idiot villager act like a 10 year old.

    Look in the archives and see yourselves who speaks about sexual references, who gets personal and who starts talking about parents.

    Basically you guys are all doing this because of regionalism and business interests. You can see who speaks like an uncouth idiot but he gets your support.

    You are backing each other is also because if one of you doesn't write on the other's site, the other won't too.


    Kashmiris and Punjabis have the same roots. Nawaz Sharif family also hails from Kashmir. But he is a Punjabi for all intents and purposes. So don't lecture me on this.

    And I knew what you are because only Punjabis write "Yousaf" whereas the right spelling is "Yousuf"- that is the correct pronunciation in Arabic. Punjabis and Kashmiris mispronounce many words and they write certain words commonly. That is how you can tell who is a Punjabi. Lib and Wasim write it the same way. Q does not because he is slightly more educated, but he has told me himself he is a Punjabi.

    Basically you guys are typical paindoo mentality and I am surprised, just for the sake of business on your sites you will support an uncouth paindoo like Wasim Saqib? That shows why Pakistan has failed because of personal and corrupt interests people don't look at merit or justice.

    Legslip is a unique blog because there, people come because they want to say something and they don't expect others to comment on their blogs. It has people of all ethnicities, unlike this blog where the main Pakistani contributors are Punjabis. The 3 managers of Legslip consist of one Urdu Speaker, one Punjabi and one Pushtoon.

    You guys should be ashamed because you are petty businessmen, not proper cricket enthusiasts. I dare you Wasim, stop writing on Q's site for 2 weeks and then see if he writes on your site. It's a business arrangement and now it has also become a giyareenbandi arrangement. Call me a child but I understand you people better than you do.

    Let us see if you dare to keep this comment on your site. LOL @ Wasim Saqib who thinks I am trying to hide behind a keyboard. A few weeks ago I was discussing with Awas and Javed A Khan that only a paindoo will forget name spellings whereas people who have sharper minds, don't. Wasim Saqib keeps spelling my name as "Owais" even though I have told him many times I don't spell it that way. Everyone on Legslip knows my name and they all spelled it right the first time I told them the correct spelling.

    America ki hawa bhi ek paindoo ko naa badal saki. Kisi ney kya khoob kaha hai.....

    Q, I honestly thought you were a decent guy and I respected you. I was also thinking of meeting you when you would come to Manchester. But you turned out to be a petty businessman, not different to any choudhary.

  28. Q said...


    U crack me up Khansahab..

    I can't believe that you can actually think and talk abt this "business arrangement"...

    Go over to Wasim's blog and see how much I comment there.. it is nothing compared to how much he comments here.. its not a competition, nor are we returning favours.. we speak when we like to.. not when we have to..

    Yes I told u I was a punjabi but when has that dictated what I write and whom I support?

    That was my question.

    Which post of mine or comment of mine has made you or anyone feel that I am doing or writing something because I support punjabis more than people from other regions?

    That is what I want to know.

    Foremost I am a Pakistani and I always talk about what I feel is in the best interest of Pakistan.. not Punjab or Sindh or anything...

    You don't have to tell us what Leg Slip is... we all know what it is...

    All that I have requested of you is to stop making personal attacks and lets just discuss cricket..

  29. Q said...

    "unlike this blog where the main Pakistani contributors are Punjabis."

    Again Khansahab, u speak without knowing anything...

    Even I don't know what Obaid and Sledgehammer are, so how do you?

    I can't believe that u still don't understand that whatever I say has nothing to do with regionality..

    Your accusations about me and this blog are completely baseless..

  30. Q said...

    "Call me a child but I understand you people better than you do."

    Hahaha.. really? i don't know who or what u understand Khansahab... cos its definitely not me..

    Grow a pair man!

  31. Q said...

    "Basically you guys are all doing this because of regionalism and business interests. You can see who speaks like an uncouth idiot but he gets your support."

    So who am I supporting Khansahab?

    My comment was a general one, which I started with "guys" .. meaning I was referring to everyone right?

    The only thing I asked u was in response to what u said abt me.. point me out where I supported one commenter over another here?

  32. Q said...

    "Let us see if you dare to keep this comment on your site"

    Is that a threat or a demand? I cannot believe ur audacity of coming down here and speaking to me in that manner.

    Wat are you trying to prove anyway?

    Anyhow, u very well know I don't delete comments, unlike Leg Slip who acts like a baby (read BABY, not CHILD), who takes of comments, which contain names of other blogs, or something that offends or disagrees with the authors...

    Please take your shit elsewhere.

  33. Q said...

    "Q, I honestly thought you were a decent guy and I respected you. I was also thinking of meeting you when you would come to Manchester. But you turned out to be a petty businessman, not different to any choudhary."

    Oh I am heartbroken Khansahab...

    And just for the record, I never had anything against you.. all my comments were spoken to everyone here.. I just repeatedly requested everyone not to make personal attacks..

    But after this comment, u have just shown everyone what you really are.

    I don't need to spell it out.

  34. khansahab said...

    LOL Q looks like a touched a nerve there...

    Your business is the most important thing to you and you will look after its interests no matter what.

    By the way you are the one who asked me to return to this blog and you are the one who told me you were coming to Manchester, because you know I live here.

    I just sent you a nice e-mail because I am a nice person.
    After your response here I am debating whether to say that or not, but I think I will let go of it because the difference between you and me is that I am a good person. I can cause your "business" some harm with the information I have, but I won't disclose it because I am not a Paindoo. I hope it can teach you a lesson and maybe one day you will do the right thing and realise that being a fair and unbiased person is better than being a businessman. LOL I wonder what Wasim paindoo will be thinking after reading this para and what kind of information he thinks I have. He has absolutely no idea.

    Legslip deletes all adverts of other sites because we treat commentators as human beings not business commodities, we are not here to do business, we are here to discuss cricket in a pure way.

    And this is the last time I am visiting this site. My experience on this site has taught me 2 things:

    1) Paindoogiri will overcome everything, whether that is merit or justice

    2) What levels people can succumb to because of their business interests

  35. Unknown said...


  36. Stani Army said...


    Khansahab, you need a psychotherapist mate!

    "And I knew what you are because only Punjabis write "Yousaf" whereas the right spelling is "Yousuf"

    aaaaaaaahahahahahah!!! That's just pure comedy!

    Go to my site and you'll see "Yousuf" spelled fact, you'll probably find a few different spellings of it which just proves how much I paid attention to the spelling! Your theories are hilarious.

    The world is against you khansahab, we're coming to get you wooooo.

    "Kashmiris and Punjabis have the same roots. Nawaz Sharif family also hails from Kashmir. But he is a Punjabi for all intents and purposes. So don't lecture me on this."

    Well if you go far back enough, then everyone has the same roots. The fact that you know all this about punjabis and non-punjabis and I don't, just proves my point. One of your many contradictions. And what's Nawaz Sharif got to do with this? O, I see, you don't like him either.

    Business? Hows that related to commenting on others blogs? We comment on which ever blogs we like and that's the whole point.

    "people who get heated up are the ones who use filthy, abusive language and sex references (paindoos)"

    Go and count how many times you used that word and you have the audacity to accuse others? You used it in the very next paragraph after saying the above!

  37. Wasim said...


    I am 41, Q knows it, I have never hidden my age from any one and what has age to do with any thing, I have not asked your sisters hand in marriage I am only commenting on a blog.

    As regards Paindoism I told you and your buddies that if all the paindoos make a vilage of their own you guys will fit in there perfectly in fact you do have a virtual paindoo village called legslip so just stay over there.

    I am still laughing at your comment about business arrangements, I comment on well pitched more than my own blog and thats a fact, I have never demanded Q or any other blogger to reciprocate, they comment at cricketfiles whenever they want there is no compulsion.

    You do need to see a shrink as in your 20's you are so plagued with racism, Kashmiri's, Punjabis, all of them are uncouth and uneducated because you are aadha teetar aadha butair, have you ever thought what is your identity, agay sey tilyar aur pichoo sey pathan. Don't take out your insecurities and frustrations on others. Our faith taught us that do not discriminate against others based on their cast creed and color but you are not even a good Muslim how can I expect you to become a good Pakistani.

    It's people like you who through provocation bring the worst out in others and divide the whole nation based on ethnicities, you don't care because you will always be a migrant will never have an identity and will never want an identity thats a curse on people like you.

    I understood your fitnagiri longtime ago and now others have understood it too.

    And mind you I never had any idea that Q is from Punjab and Stani is from Kashmir, I never asked it because it's not important for me, for me it was enough that they are Pakistanis and they have the same passion about the game as I do.

  38. BEE said...

    Damn, what a contrast between the runs scored per innings in this series with the one test match played between the same teams a few months ago in Karachi. Just when I thought Pakistan was gonna break the mental barrier and somehow sneak above 350, they did what only they can do 4 times consecutively. So far the mighty lions havent exactly been great with the bat (what happened to the samaraweera of earlier this year) so we still have a strong chance. I reckon if they can score 240 (a tall order) and set a target of 300, they could be competitive if kaneria can maintain his form. Nice to see kaneria doing well again, really feel sorry for the dude, doesnt get picked for the one-days, and now gets dropped for the first two tests through basically little fault of his own (i like saeed ajmal btw). Younis Khan has to step up now and finish the job, nothing less than a century will do. Although alam scored 16 in the first innings of the last match and went on to score 168 in the second, it'll be hard to expect him to do the same. I grew up watching saeed anwar open for the team who was my all-time favourite player. Fawad Alam is no Anwar but the dude has got some real heart and quality and hopefully they'll finally start utilizing him properly. Manzoor...well...i'd rather have a guy in the top order who scores 40 in both innings rather than a 100 followed by a 0. I would probably prefer Ahmed Shehzad over him, maybe even Jamshed. Anyway, I hope we dont throw this one away like the last two games.

  39. Q said...

    "Your business is the most important thing to you and you will look after its interests no matter what."

    But Khansahab, what I want to know is what is my business?

    Do I get paid for every commenter that comes to this blog?

    If that is so then please tell me how, cos I have absolutely no idea.

    I am clueless as to what all this business arrangement is that u r talking abt?

    Care to explain please?

    If Well Pitched was a business, I'd be a millionnaire.. I wish it was but how can a blog be a business, i fail to understand.

    "By the way you are the one who asked me to return to this blog and you are the one who told me you were coming to Manchester, because you know I live here."

    Yeah so? Suddenly u had stopped commenting here and I wondered why, so I emailed u and asked you why you had stopped coming on Well Pitched.

    Remember that? Go back to that email and read.. I asked u why I didn't see you here and all you said was "I will not come to WP again" and gave me no reason.

    That is all you do Khansahab.. u make baseless accusations, u call people names, u give theories, but when u r asked for an explanation you fail with flying colors!

    As for Manchester.. yeah I know ur there and I thought u were a pure cricket fan whom I would love to meet to talk cricket with..

    But now I have realized what u really are and I'll be glad to stay away from you.

    I don't even have the words to describe you.. I suggest a psychiatrist. Seriously.

  40. tabi Inc. said...

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    y tabi butt

  41. Shoaib said...

    ''I just sent you a nice e-mail because I am a nice person.
    After your response here I am debating whether to say that or not, but I think I will let go of it because the difference between you and me is that I am a good person. I can cause your "business" some harm with the information I have, but I won't disclose it because I am not a Paindoo''

    lol @ Khansahab

    Ive never seen a paindoo like you in my life. praising your own trumpet, OMG how much you love yourself, may be thats why your nickname is not just Khan. Stop spreading hatred and regionalism or go elsewhere, go back to your slipped leg.

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