Thursday, July 23, 2009

Open Letter to Pakistan's Selectors

Dear Selectors,

It has been brought to my notice that you have announced the Pakistan squad for the ODIs against Sri Lanka.

As always, you have surprised me; both pleasantly as well as otherwise.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on finally putting Salman Butt out of his misery. You have done yourselves proud and I am sure that the entire country is unanimously happy with this decision of yours.

Even moreso because this brings Imran Nazir back into the fold!

We all just love him, don't we?

Although I feel that he is more of a T20 batsman, but anyone instead of Salman Butt is a welcome change.

You have also done well in maintaining your faith in Nasir Jamshed.

I understand that it is not your fault that he has had several injury problems in recent times; it is clear to me that he is your first choice ODI opener and I am glad to see this continuity.

But where is Ahmed Shehzad?

He had a good debut ODI series against Australia and now he is off the radar and doesn't even find himself a place as a reserve opener?


But coming back to the good things, I was pleased to see Umar Akmal's name in the 16-man squad that you announced.

That really made me feel good.

I had been talking about Umar's outstanding performances for Pakistan A during their tour to Australia; I had also mentioned that his inclusion in the Pakistan team was not far off.

This time you exceeded my expectations by inducting him in the senior side so quickly.

Great work!

But then where you guys display great decisions, you also display some strange ones.

Why is Rana Naveed back in the team?

When he was dropped two years ago he was clearly out of form and not even close to the kind of bowler he was during that India tour in 2005-06.

His bowling had become wayward, he had lost his swing, he had lost his hair, and he looked more like a club bowler.

So what has changed since then? Why are we going back to him?

Where is Sohail Tanvir? Where is Sohail Khan? Where is Mohammad Talha? Where is Anwar Ali?

Why didn't you guys look to blood a promising, young, upcoming fast bowler instead of Rana?

Overall, however, I believe you have given Younis Khan a very good squad. It is up to him now to find the best XI and take them on to the field.

I feel it will be a difficult task chosing an XI from the squad, but that is something for another post.

Yours Faithfully,


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  1. straight point said...

    nice to see another akmal being reward for the 'a' team performances...

    as for rana...he is being clearly rewarded for breaking contract with icl...nothing less...nothing more...

  2. SledgeHammer said...

    IIRC, Rana has done well in England in past years, so that might have helped his inclusion. I don't agree with it, but that's my guess.

    No idea why Pakistan has paid no attention to Anwar Ali. Shameful really.

    Sohail Tanvir is probably injured. He was in the T20 WC. Plus, until he fixes his run up, he's going to continue to suffer. He's a great bowler, but could end up with a short career.

  3. Rayden said...

    Q - You open letter to Pakistan's selectors was a good read until I saw this about Rana Naveed, I quote "His bowling had become wayward, he had lost his swing, he had lost his hair, and he looked more like a club bowler."

    Now, what has "He had lost his hair" got to do with anything. I am the self proclaimed president of the men with receeding hair club, and I demand an apology for hurting the sentiments of all men currently going through the trauma of losing their hair little by little. Our man Rana Naveed has done us proud by getting into the Pakistan Cricket team again and no one can stop him now. Go Rana Naveed!!!!

  4. SM said...

    I dont know much about Umar Akmal , hope he is as good a hand as Kamram but as for Naved , I feel that anyone who breaks ICL agreement is sure for National duty .. isnt it ? also would look for a cracker of a series .. Loved Imran Nazir with his over the fence shots at ICL . .. I think Pak need more of such performances ..

  5. Q said...


    Wat u say makes sense, which I guess means that his comeback will be short lived.. I can't believe they r still calling him a 31 year old.. he was 31 when he first played for Pakistan!

  6. Q said...


    Your guess is as good as SP's or mine regarding Rana.

    Anwar Ali was brought into the T20 squad for the quadrangular in Canada last October.. he did well too.. don't know why they dropped him after that.

    Tanvir turned up for Rajasthan Royals earlier this month and did well.. he was fit enough.. so definitely not injured..

  7. Q said...


    I am sorry if I hurt your sentiments regarding Rana's loss of hair.. but it was a sarcastic joke.. Rana had lost all his hair by the time he last played for Pakistan.. then soon after appearing in the ICL he got a hair transplant and now he has a full skull of hair..

    I was just kidding..

  8. Q said...


    15 Pakistanis have broken away from the ICL but only Razzaq, Yousuf, Nazir, and Rana have been brought back.. so its definitely not that in my view.. but these 4 are the ones for whom there was public demand..

  9. Wasim said...


    I think Rana's selection is only for the T20, I don't know if will make it to the final eleven or not but he performed as good as Razzak in ICL. But certainly I don't think he should be considered for the Odi's.

  10. Rayden said...

    Hey Q - My post was a joke. Your reply regarding the apology sounded serious so thought of clarifying :-)

    Out here we have about 1000s of groups who demand an apology for the stupidest of things so was just poking fun at them. Believe it or not a Shah Rukh Khan movie had released last year called Billoo Barber and some barber association made Shah Rukh Khan apologize for using the word barber in his title. They said he should refer to them as Hair dressers, lol.

  11. Q said...


    Is this the T20 squad as well? I thought it was only for the ODIs.. I'm not sure but if it is...

    But if it is then they need to announce a T20 captain soon...

  12. Q said...


    Oh I missed the joke.. haha.. yeah I remember the billu barber controversy..

  13. Som said...

    Sohail Tanvir's case was quite baffling. Any explanation please?

  14. Wasim said...


    Butt made a statement that he would first request Younis to lead the team in T20's and if he refused then he will announce his replacement but since then everybody is silent about the issue..

  15. Indophile said...

    Q !!! you are going to Manchester of west good going congrats!! Now don't become a shit head football loving specifically MANU loving Brit after staying in the city. Endorsement of Arsenal would be welcome though.

    Well it was really dissappointing to see Yunus captaincy today all super defensive field setting not good at all.

  16. Abdullah said...

    My Preferred side :

    Imran Nazir
    Kamran Akmal
    Younis Khan
    Mohammed Yousuf
    Rana Naved/Mohammed Aamer

  17. Abdullah said...

    I am sure Pakistan will "click" in the limited overs format and redeem themselves after the test series shocker in some classy style. Like many I am overwhelmed at Imran Nazir’s inclusion. He is a stylish attacking opener and seems to be one of those players that once gets going can be invincible ,undefeatable and simply dominate proceedings single handily which is a true pleasure to watch and admire. He can really get that tempo going and apply considerable amount of pressure on the opposition. Simply a headache field setting exception for captains with his free – scoring approach!

    As a bowler u tend to feel your teeth chattering and nerves shaking when you face up to an aggressive batsman of such madness as much as it can be an overwhelming sensational feature when u dismiss them and claim the mighty break though. But I’m in the view that your require uniqueness to be successful and therefore he would appeal as an automatic selection in my books.

  18. Q said...


    Well he has been a bit out of form of late.. he's been expensive and wayward... then during the World T20 he got injured.. but he's not anymore.. I felt he should be given a chance.. at least with the squad and the bowling coach so that he could recover his old touch.. but I guess he's out of favour now.. who knows for how long..

  19. Q said...


    Yep making the move on two days.. have been super busy hence the lack of blogging action..

    Was disappointing to see the 3rd test end in a draw..

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