Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shane Watson to Open?

The Australians cannot be serious!

I read this and then wondered how it could even be an option.

And its not only Shane Watson who is willing to open; apparently Tim Nielsen is backing him to do so as well.


Phil Hughes has scores of 36, 4, and 17 in this Ashes series so far.

Is that all it took for the Aussies to contemplate dropping the man who was going to be their run scoring machine this summer?

Has Hughes' awesome debut in South Africa already been forgotten?

Michael Hussey has been failing repeatedly; why don't they replace him with Shane Watson?

Surely a batting order that reads Michael Clarke at 4, Marcus North at 5, and Shane Watson at 6 makes more sense if Watson is to come into the team that is.

I have no issues with Watson coming into the XI; but I have a problem deciphering how anyone could think of dropping Phil Hughes.

Not that Hughes is indispensible, but already?

Make your pitch on this post...

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  1. SledgeHammer said...

    I was shocked myself when I heard about them wanting to drop Hughes.

    At least give him one more Ashes Test before axing him.

    While not stellar, his scores are not pitiful either. Playing in the Ashes is tough for any player, new or old, so he needs a bit of support rather than threats on his career.

    Strange, this is not a very Auzzie approach to things.

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