Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sri Lanka Make History

Saying that Pakistan had the liberty to bat all day definitely did not mean that they had the ability to do so.

Well I would think that they had the ability too but these dramatic collapses of "Pakistani Proportions" are becoming all too regular now.

Just when you thought they couldn't get worse, we saw their worst collapse ever, and their third one in as many innings.

The new ball did the trick for Sri Lanka again as Pakistan's batsmen were found wanting against the swing of Nuwan Kulasekara.

Mohammad Yousuf was yet again undone by Rangana Herath, who for the second time downed Pakistan in the second innings.

Besides Fawad Alam's amazing effort coupled with Younis Khan's support, no Pakistani batsman was up for the challenge.

They folded meekly and left Sri Lanka with an easy target to chase.

The bowlers could have made it more competitive but Warnapura and then the experienced King Sanga and Jayawardene just took the game away.

It is a historic victory for Sri Lanka as it completes a first ever series win for them over Pakistan at home.

They had not beaten Pakistan in a test at home since 1986 and they had never won a test series against them at home ever; within 7 days of cricket they have completely turned those facts upside down!

As for Pakistan; a lot of thinking to do. Maybe later. For now, let the Sri Lankans rejoice.

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  1. raj said...

    Q, you know what this means right? Your T20 win was a fluke and you are not going to get any help from the rest of the world. Mohd Yousuf is crap. Umar Gul is crap.
    (NOTE: MSD and his team arent crap, even if they folded against SL in SL - this is applicable only to Pak, because they won in a form of game that is dying - ODIs - there. Also, MSD conquered Mendis in ODIs so he would have read Mendis in tests as well - he is a better batsman than Rahul, Sachin, Saurav and Laxman)

  2. Unknown said...

    @raj: You are pathetic. Winning an entire World Cup series by chance is IMPOSSIBLE. Pakistan beat South Africa, the unbeaten. Was that a fluke? And when they beat Sri Lanka, the whole world acknowledged their greatness.

    Obviously Sri Lanka learned from the loss and has come back better than ever.

    Not sure what's gone wrong with Pakistan lately, but inshallah they will be stronger for it and improve.

    Mohammad Yusuf can't possibly be crap. Statistics prove you wrong. He ranks among the best batsmen in the world right now. Umar Gul=crap? Even Vettori had to admit he rocks.

    Anyway I was gonna congratulate Sri Lankans! Yours was the better team during this series. Good game.

  3. Stani Army said...

    Q, the title should read 'Pakistan Make History'.....we always give others records so give us some credit Q!

    Husha is right, they learnt and we did not....but do/will we ever?

  4. adverbin said...

    How many months since Pakistan played last played Tests? It is not surprising that the batting keeps collapsing. It might take a couple more tests for the batsmen to get into test match groove. Besides, the emergence of Fawad Alam should help.

  5. raj said...

    husha, chill. it is an inside joke between me and Q.

  6. Q said...


    LOL! Those have spoketh again!

  7. Q said...


    Don't worry, what Raj has mentioned is a joke.. he's not making an attack on Pakistan.. for what it's worth he was the only one on this blog saying that Pak can win the World T20 when we all were deriding them..

    As for Pakistan, they need to work a lot on their batting.. hopefully with time they will improve..

  8. Q said...


    I guess you're right.. we gave them both the tests.

    We never learn.. Yousuf got out the same way to Herath.. did he not try and practice against a left armer in the nets?

  9. Q said...


    In Feb they played 1 test after 14 months.. then the next one got shot down.. and now its these 2 so yes ur right in saying that it will take time.. And I just pray that the fans and the board and the management give the team some time...

  10. Q said...


    Thanx for clearing that up that way..

    Yeah Husha, its only a joke :-)

  11. RGB said...

    The more worrying part is that the collapses have occurred against the bowling of Kulasekara and Herath, who while being decent are nothing special.

  12. Q said...


    Well you can say that are nothing special but they did bowl exceptionally, esp Kulasekara.. his swing was unplayable for the Pakistanis.. Herath also bemused a number of batsmen with his straighter one and Pakistan have traditionally been weak against left arm spinners.. so its not all that surprising..

  13. raj said...

    Q, where is Asim Kamal? Why is he not in the test team? as far as I can rememebr, he was the most solid batsman apart from Yo-Yo. Why do you have place for Faisal, Shoaib Malik, Misbah et al but no place for Kamal?

  14. Q said...


    While I agree that Asim Kamal's exclusion from the team when he was at his peak was unjustified, right now he is past his sell by date.

    After he was unceremoniously dropped, he hardly did anything to try and get back into the team. No domestic cricket, no pressure on selectors, nothing.

    He was called by the selectors a few times and he simply turned around and said that he would be going away for something or the other and won't be available..

    Now he is too old and hardly plays cricket to be considered for the team.

  15. RGB said...

    Kulasekara was good in the last innnings. But still not unplayable.

    Herath should not be bemusing Test batsmen. Pakistan allowed him to bemuse them. Who else has he bemused?

    The bowling was decent and discplined. Nothing more.

  16. Q said...


    Whatever it was, it was enough for the Pakistani batsmen..

    It might surprise you but Herath has had MoYo 5 times out of the 7 innings that MoYo has played against him.. so there's something there definitely..

    And left arm spinners in general have done better against Pakistan than any other country.. thats fact..

    Either way.. I think it was more the inept Pakistan batting that resulted in the collapse than the good Lankan bowling..

  17. raj said...

    oh thata's sad Q. Thats almost Sadagoppan Ramesh-esque!

  18. Q said...


    It is sad..

    What is sadder is that MoYo has done nothing to practice what he's doing wrong against Herath..

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