Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why was Rangana Herath Man of the Match?

I watched the last Pakistani wicket fall this morning, but I didn't bother to stay up any longer to watch the presentation.

I switched the TV off and went to bed.

Once I woke up, I didn't bother to check the scorecard; I usually do to check who the man of the match was, what the figures were and so on; this time I didn't.

Till now that is.

After reading the comments regarding Rangana Herath on Krishna's post about Pakistan's loss, I went over to Cricinfo's scorecard to check his best ever figures out.

4-15 looks good but why in the world was that a man of the match performance?

Don't ask me who else it should have been, tell me why Herath got the man of the match award?

Sure he bowled a match changing second over of the day this morning, but his 4-15 really included only 1 big wicket.

That of Mohammad Yousuf; the delivery he bowled to have Yousuf play all around it was a very good one.

Besides that, Herath hardly did anything else.

Salman Butt threw his wicket away needlessly, while Abdur Rauf and Mohammad Aamer can hardly count as match winning wickets.

Then why Rangana Herath?

Why not Tharanga Paranavitna who put together a rearguard action when the other batsmen struggled; or Nuwan Kulasekara who managed to keep Pakistan's lead to only 50 runs; or Thilan Tushara who truly bowled an unplayable spell?

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