Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You Really Think England Can Win?

To say there has been plenty of hype about the Ashes would be the biggest understatement ever.

All the Australian and English blogs have been buzzing with Ashes hype; that is not the surprising bit.

What is surprising is that many believe that England have a real chance at winning the Ashes.

They can't be serious!

I have no idea how anyone can seriously believe that England can win.

Sure they have great batsmen; Andrew Strauss converts 50s to 100s at a better rate than anyone; Kevin Pietersen scores centuries more often than anyone else; Ravi Bopara has knocked centuries in his 3 previous tests.

But their bowling is shit.

I don't even know why Stuart Broad plays international cricket.

James Anderson and Graham Onions hardly look the sort that can run through the Australians.

It is not the West Indies batsmen they're up against. It is the Hughes, the Katich, the Ponting, the Hussey, the Clarke, the North, the Haddin, the Johnson.

That is one heavy batting line up.

Andrew Flintoff is probably the only threat to them but it won't be long before he'll be limping off the field or getting dropped for missing a boat or something.

Graeme Swann is a more than decent spinner, but he's no threat. Definitely not. He was for the West Indians, not one for the Aussies.

Monty Panesar is a joke.

Adil Rashid is probably their best hope but they won't give him a single game.

The Australians recently beat South Africa at home; a team who had not lost a test series in almost forever.

While the English could not bowl out the West Indies to win a game in the Caribbean; sure they beat them at home but the West Indians were hardly interested in being there.

I just cannot see England winning any game in the Ashes; nor can I see how anyone else can.

Make your pitch on this post...

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16 Pitched:

  1. GoodCricketWicket said...

    Ouch! Q, I think you under-estimate England's bowling a little.

    So, come on, who would you pick then?

  2. Q said...


    Honestly I don't know who I would pick but Anderson, Broad, and Onions are no Harmison, Hoggard, and Jones.

    It may be an under estimation but I don't see this bowling attack troubling the Aussies.

    Freddy if he stays fit, he can do a lot of damage.

    Swann is promising and he may have an advantage cos of the 4 left handers in Australia's top 6 but he's not a frightening spinner...

  3. GoodCricketWicket said...

    Anderson, Broad and Onions may not be Harmison, Hoggard and Jones, but then neither are Harmison, Hoggard and Jones any more if you get my meaning.

    Flintoff is not the destructive bowler people think he is, and never has been. He has only 3 five-wicket hauls in his entire 1st class career.

    Swann might be frightening to a team who have Nathan Hauritz bowling at them in the nets...

    We shall see!

  4. Q said...


    I agree abt Flintoff not being as destructive; I base my judgement on what he did to the Aussies in 05.. but then with what u say it means that England's bowling is even more weaker than my perception :-)

  5. Q said...

    Test averages

    Anderson - 34, vs Aus 83
    Broad - 38, none against Aus
    Onions - played only 2 tests..
    Panesar - 34, vs Aus 38
    Swann - 26, played only 7, none against Aus

    I rest my case...

  6. Sam said...

    Australia would start favorites

  7. Striker said...

    All matches would be very intresting to watch both teams are in same positions as per record Auses are fav but england can beat if they use there best players problem with England team is they changed there players very frequently. Due to this change there best palyers losses there confidance and not performed well.

  8. karachikhatmal said...

    Good point Q...

    I had said as much at Tooting trumpet, and he was quite upset by it. what is even more susprising is that the aussies are also nervous. i mean i can understand the poms trying to get excited, but why are the aussies even 1% unsure of the eventual victory?

    that said, an ashes win for england would be the best thing since... err last month really for a pakistani fan, but still the best thing since the boxing day test match this year.

    nevertheless, i'm going to pray for an england win cuz whenever australia lose you know you'll watch some great cricket

  9. khansahab said...


    This time they don't have Michael Vaughan as well. Someone like Vaughan could have made a difference.

    I agree there is no comparison in the bowling department- Australia are far superior.

  10. Rayden said...

    Well we all know anything can happen in cricket and I honestly believe its possible England may pull off a good victory.

  11. Q said...


    Surely they will... and I think they will win it too...

  12. Q said...


    In recent times, England's team composition has been quite consistent...

  13. Q said...

    And welcome to Well Pitched Striker.

  14. Q said...


    I think the Aussies are just being cautious cos of what happened the last time they were in England..

    You're right in saying that if Aus lose it will be some great viewing, but I find it very difficult for that to happen..

  15. Q said...


    Vaughan the leader could have made a difference, not the batsman..

  16. Q said...


    Maybe in 1 test.. don't see them winning more than that.. but I would like it if I'm proven wrong.

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